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Loadedgists is one of Nigeria’s most prolific writers of modern times. He has, by his own official account, written some 1024 books. This makes him the second person with the highest number of books in the entire world – that is, after the late Ron L. Hubbard, the American who wrote 1086 books. At the informal and un-official level, Ndagi Abdullahi is reputed to have written over 1,500 books most of which are serious research books dealing with highly controversial topics.

His book titled ‘Nupe the Origin’ purported that all Nigerian tribes and ethnicities originated from the Nupe people of the Nigerian Middle Belt. His Book ‘The First Tribe: Africa Is Israel’ remonstrate that Black Negro Africa, and not the Middle East, is the setting of the Biblical and Semitic stories. His other book titled ‘Genesis Africa’ contends that all the races of the world descended from the Black African Negroes of Africa. His controversial books have made him a national and international figure within and outside Nigeria.

Ndagi Abdullahi has become a national and international figure in terms of the ongoing renaissance of the Nupe Nation in Central Nigeria. This is due to his extensive researches and writings on Nupe sociology. With over 300 books on Nupe he has written the highest number of books on Nupe.

Having written over 300 books on various aspects of Nupe prehistory, history and culture, Ndagi Abdullahi may as well be said to be the new big chapter in Nupe history.

Ndagi Abdullahi is also fast becoming a leading figure in the international Black Renaissance movement that is today known as Afrocentrism. He is undoubtedly the modern ‘Voice of Africa’ as he has redefined the Afrocentric movement in a ‘Middle Africa-centric’ form, shifting the origin of civilisation from the Fertile Crescent to Middle Africa (West, Central and East Africa).

Below is a list of some of the books written by Ndagi Abdullahi books:

The Races
1. The White Code: Rise of the White Man
2. The Count of Dhu-l-Khuwaisira
3. Aryan: The Idealized White Man
4. Classicism: The Dynamics of Class and Race in the Western Psyche
5. Call Me Ja or Magogoli: Where are the Gog and Magog Races?
6. The Race of the Gods
7. Who are the Bani Israel?
8. The Leather-Face People
9. The Trek of the Crystal Skulls
10. The People of the Black Flag
11. Banu Sara-El and Banu Adama
12. Return of the Hominids
13. The Super Civilisation of the Hominids
14. The Serpent Race
15. Mention the Reptilians
16. Brotherhood of the Snake
17. Snake Gods: The Reptilian Civilisations
18. Horned Man: The People of Cernumos
19. The Shining Ones
20. Azazil the Goat Head One
21. Draco Daraja: The Race of the Masters
22. The Race of Jabara
23. Return of the Barbarians: The Coming Races
24. Tibet and the Masters from the Below
25. The Forbidden Race
26. The Bones of Orestes: The Last of the Giants: Details on the Race of the Giants
27. The Legend of the Iguana: Who were the Dragons?

Ancient History
28. Grand Opera: The False Heroes of Europe
29. The Hosts of Sakanda: Alexander the Great Is A Fiction!
30. Urprotoprehistory: Yesterday Was Greater
31. The Rivers Underneath: Subterranean Civilisations
32. Where Is Paradise?
33. The Golden Age
34. The Altars of the Sun: Mysteries of the Pyramids
35. The Sight of the Black Bird: Who Was Thoth?
36. Lords of the Lizards: How The Lizards Control Us
37. 10,000 BC
38. Domain of the End People: They Live Among Us
39. No-Metal Civilisations
40. Lies of the British Anthropologists
41. Mary the Sister of Aaron: Who Was Mary?
42. The Coming Civilisation of Utopia: Millenarianism and How the Past Will Return
43. Why the Deserts? The Super Civilisation of Masaharasia
44. Agartha and the Hollow Earth Theory
45. Babylon the Great Is Risen!: The Rise of Black Africa To Dominate The World Again
46. Iram the Many-Pillared: Away with the People of Ad!
47. The People of Aikah: The Issue of the Perished and Lost Civilisations of Prehistory
48. Thamud the Second Ad
49. The Cross of Malta

Western Civilisation
50. The Power of Western Civilization
51. Fiatonomics: Rise and Fall of the Age of Economics
52. Media Matrix: The Bane of the West
53. The Problem With Humanism
54. The One World Mongers
55. Terror and the Equals: The True Aim of the French Revolution
56. History of Western Civilization
57. The Slags of Bavaria: The Industrial Revolution and How it Changed the World
58. The Wealth of Nations
59. The Fangs of the Crises: International Communism and Its Toll on Humanity
60. Capitalism and its Ugly Manacles of International Power
61. Atheism on the Rise
62. The failure of Secularism
63. The Virginia Company
64. There was No Ice Age
65. The Decline of Religion in the West
66. First World Politics: The Politics of International Hypocrisy
67. The West and the Rest of the World
68. Culture War and the West
69. Ashes and the Two World Wars
70. A Covert Tale of the Second World War: From Rudolph Hess With Peace
71. Western Powers and the Emergence of Poverty
72. Third World War: End of the First World
73. The Blight of the Conquistadores
74. Immigration and the West
75. The Second World War
76. Blood Sports
77. Failings of the Entertainment Industries
78. The One-Eyed Piper Called Hollywood
79. The House of Freire
80. The West and International Power-Politics

81. Pan-Gondwana: The Rape, Rise and Reign of the Third World
82. Cecil Rhodes and the Scramble
83. And the Sun Set: The Inglorious Fall of Colonialism
84. Ravishing the Third World
85. French Colonialism
86. The Evils of Racism
87. The Second Coming of Quetzalcoatl and the Loot of America
88. The Palace of Versailles

89. The Weaknesses of Democracy
90. The Eleventh Commandment: Religion and Democracy
91. The Confessions of Democritus: The Greeks Never Practised Democracy
92. The Elders of Shura: Islam and Democracy
93. On the Heaps of the Bones: Democracy and the Third World
94. Samba of the White Hyena: Africa and Democracy
95. At the Amphitheatre: Democracy, Republicanism and the Romans
96. Kill the King! Democracy as Regicidism
97. The Different Sides of Democracy
98. Indigenous Democracy

International Conspiracy
99. Smithsonian Institute the Conspirator Extraordinaire
100. David Icke and the Reptilians
101. The Lie About the Dinosaurs
102. 007 Dee Intelligence
103. Peak Oil Theory: The End of Petrol
104. The Agenda: Family Planning
105. The Black Nobility
106. The Invisible College
107. Gaea’s Perjurious Environmentalism: Nothing is Happening to Mother Earth!
108. Flying Saucers and the UFO Question
109. The Watchers
110. How Powerful People Truly View the Masses: Genius of the Very Few
111. The Royal Court of the Dragon
112. The Real Bankers
113. The Brotherhood Agenda

Other Powers
114. Resume of the Vimanas: The Rise and Reign of India
115. The One Guardsman: The Military Might of China
116. The Story of Japan: The Yellow Mongrel
117. Brother Number Three: The Horrors of Cambodia
118. Superpower China
119. Orientania: The Rise and Reign of Eastern Civilisation
120. The Non-Align Movement

International Figures
121. The Kwame Continues: Kwame Nkrumah and Greater Africa
122. Remembering the Best of Nelson Mandela
123. Keeping the Faith: Jimmy Carter Is Changing the World
124. We have a Dream: Martin Luther King, Jnr., and the World in General
125. El Libertador: Simon Bolivar and the Liberation of Latin America
126. Mao Tse Tsung the Great
127. Mwalimu of Ujamaa: How Julius Nyerere Fought for Africa
128. Gandhi and the Ineluctable Satyagraha
129. Franz Fanon and the Damnest of the Earth
130. The Round Table Conferences: The Lofty Aims of Mohammed Ali Jinnah
131. Exist the Dragon: Bruce Lee, Kung Fu and the World
132. Bob Marley, the Rastafarian Agenda and the Jamaican Connection
133. Kamal Ataturk
134. The Spectacles of Patrice Lumumba
135. Ayatullah Khomeini and Rise of Superpower Iran
136. Bishop Desmond Tutu
137. Theodore Roosevelt the Wonder
138. The Inconsistencies of Winston Churchill
139. Seven Million Thomas Sankaras: The Remarkable Personality of Thomas Sankara
140. The A.H. Fawcett Mystery
141. Che Guevera the Eternal Revolutionary
142. Idi Amin the Saint
143. The Blade of the Sickle: How Karl Marx Changed the World
144. The Sarcophagus of Lenin In History
145. Yasser Arafat and the Unending Fight
146. The Fall of Greater Arabia: The Bloody Handiwork of Lawrence of Arabia
147. Engels
148. The Strange Sounds of Beethoven
149. Soldiers of Power: The Legacy Of Gamal Abdul Nasser
150. Napoleon Bonaparte and the Mysteries of Power
151. Black Bandana: The Incredible Personality of Toussaint L’Overture


Ancient Africa
152. Empire of the Ark: How Africa Ruled the Ancient World
153. Fara
154. Masaharasia: The Rise and Fall of the Black African Negro
155. Sara
156. The Voice of Dzyan
157. Planet X
158. Continent Nibiru: The Land of Anunnaki
159. Yuga and the Story of the Black Sun
160. Ethiopia: The Civilisation of Isa
161. Atlantis: When Black Negro Africa Ruled the World
162. Siren: The Super Civilisation of the Sahara
163. Aesop the African
164. Saharasia: The Advanced Nuclear Warfare of the Ancient Africans
165. Land of the Zamzummims: Obesity and the Return of the African Giants
166. The Story of Olympus
167. Suwan: The Centre of High Magic
168. Who was the Pharaoh?
169. King Arthur was A Black Negro African
170. The Journey of Hanno
171. Osirian Civilisation
172. Sargon the Great
173. Nimrod
174. Gerald Massey and Others on Ancient Africa
175. Nubia
176. Ancient Lybia
177. Meroe
178. Kafara the Ultimate Civilisation
179. The Renaissance Was an African Revolution
180. The Story of Stonehenge
181. West Africa Is Atlantis
182. The Nagas
183. Masara: The Original Egypt Located In West Africa
184. The Scientific Civilisations of Ancient Africa
185. The Democratic Revolutions of Europe
186. Prester John
187. Orion Architects: Napoleon, Others and the Pyramids
188. The Cult of Marco Polo
189. Kush
190. Ancient Egyptian Civilisation
191. Ethiopia

192. Master Tom’s Empire: Afrocentrism the New World Manifesto
193. The Awakened Lion: Africa Will Rule the World
194. Asoka and the Hidden Knowledge
195. Genesis Africa
196. Timbuktu
197. Heron of Alexandria: The Industrial Revolution was African
198. The Library of Alexandria
199. The Black Emperors of Rome
200. Alexandria?
201. The Druids Were Africans
202. They Came Before Homer
203. The Mayas Were Africans
204. The Black African Aztecs
205. Yemen Is African
206. William the Conqueror
207. Constantine the Great
208. Vietnam was Black
209. Oman Is African
210. Britain was Black Negro African
211. Black Mesopotamia
212. The Black Germans
213. The African Origin of the Turks
214. Who Was King Charles Stuart II?
215. Charlemagne the African
216. The Moors: The West Africans Who Founded Western Civilisation
217. The Black Persians: The Original Persia
218. The Black American Indians
219. Negro Egypt: The Ancient Egyptians Were Black African Negroes
220. Africa Is Greater Arabia
221. The Gypsies Were Africans
222. The Black Greeks: The Ancient Greeks were Black
223. White Skin-Black Gene
224. The Black African Negro Founders of Europe
225. How Ireland Originated From Black Negro Africa
226. How Scotland Originated From Black Negro Africa
227. Athens was Black Negro Africa
228. Where was Puntland?
229. The African Origins of the Philippines
230. Who was Hercules?
231. The Black Romans
232. Carthage was African
233. Kush
234. The Olmecs and the Message of the Stones
235. The Voice of Macabre: The Rastafarian Agenda
236. Knight of the Black Foliage: Martin Delany’s Achievements
237. The Knowledge of the Incas
238. The Danger of White
239. The Race of Huang Di: How the Chinese Originated from Africa
240. The Dravidians were Africans
241. The Rape of Europa: How the Europeans Originated from Africa
242. Naganadu Remnants: How the Indians Originated from Africa
243. Ogane, Guanin and Guinea: How the Native American Originated from Africa
244. The World Is Going Black
245. Alexander Dumas
246. The Black Aristocracy of Ancient Greece
247. Alexandre S. Pushkin The Black Man
248. The Power of Black
249. How the Arabs Originated From Africa
250. How the Jews Originated from Africa
251. Black World Order: The Past and Future of Mankind are Black African and Negroid

Afrocentric Figures
252. Prophet Marcus Garvey: Look for Me in the Whirlwind!
253. Mosque Number Seven: Malcolm X Talks
254. Reverend Edward Wilmot Blyden the Father of Afrocentrism
255. Leo Frobenius Africanus!
256. Nat Turner
257. Professor Ivan Van Sertima
258. Booker T. Washington and the Future of the American Negro
259. Back to Africa: Marcus Garvey, Liberia and Nigeria
260. Haile Selassie
261. The Black Flame of Niagara: The Achievements of Professor Du Bois
262. Runoko Rashidi and the Global African Presence
263. Jomo Kenyatta
264. Martin Luther King, Jnr.
265. Leopold Senghor’s Negritude
266. The Thoughts and Sentiments of Quobna Ottobah Cugoano
267. Cheikh Anta Diop the Greatest!
268. Paul Cuffee
269. Olaudah Equiano and the Slave Trade Act
270. John Ezzidio
271. Africa Sings Paul Robeson
272. Louis Farrakhan

African American
273. Miscegenation: The Identity Crisis of the of African American
274. Jim Crow and Ganga Zumba: Integration, Separation and Back to Africa
275. The Black Movement
276. Scientific Inventions and the American Negro
277. Exodus Black America: African Americans Will Return Back to Africa
278. Crime among the Blacks
279. Quilombo State
280. The Nigger Sub-Culture: The Story of the African American Anti-Social Subculturalism
281. The Original African Americans
282. The Future and Fate of the African Americans
283. Contributions of the African Americans
284. African Americans and Native Africans
285. Chicago the City of the Blacks
286. Elijah McCoy the Black Inventor

287. Pan-Africanism
288. Africa Unite! African Leaders are not Criminals or Tyrants
289. United States of Africa
290. The Dream of Liberia

Africa and Religion
291. The Black Gods: How the Ancients Worshipped Black Gods
292. Black Jesus and Jesus the White Man: Inquiries Into the African Identity of Jesus
293. The Moorish Connexion: Africa and Islam
294. The African Roots of Buddhism
295. Bara the Mother Religion
296. The African Roots of Mithraism
297. Return of Balaam the Seer: The Rise of Traditional African Religion
298. The Original Gospel According to Marie Laveau: The Past Global Reign, the Global Present Revival and the Future Global Reign of Voodoo as a World Religion

International Africa
299. How Europe Destroyed Africa
300. Greater Holocaust: The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
301. USA: United States of Africa
303. The Rise of West Africa


Greater Nigeria
304. Superpower Nigeria: Why Nigeria Will Rule the World
305. Nigeria is not a Failed State
306. One Nigeria!: Why Nigeria Will Not Break Apart

Power Politics in Nigeria
307. Goldfinger Middle Belt: The Kororofa Mafia Rules Nigeria!
308. Oil War Dancers: Boro, Saro, Asari, Jomo Gbomo and the Niger Delta
309. “We”: The Northern Oligarchy of Nigeria
310. January 15: Why the Struck
311. Operation Aure: And They Said Blood Will Have Blood!
312. The Niger Delta

The Problems of Nigeria
313. Naijaria: The Problem with Nigeria is the Masses!
314. Operation Corruption: The Question of Corruption in Nigeria
315. Up NEPA!
316. Nigerian Democracy and the Tales by Moonlight

The Nigerian Leadership
317. The Parliament of Vultures: The Unfortunate Case of the Nigerian Leadership

Nigerian Leaders
318. Our Dear Nigeria: Biography of President Nnamdi Azikiwe
319. Golden Leadership: Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa and the Making of Nigeria
320. Building Nigeria: Chief Obafemi Awolowo’s Contributions to Nation Building
321. Brigadier Zakari Maimalari the Unsung Hero
322. Hero Ironsi: The Good Intentions of General Aguiyi Ironsi
323. Counting the Blessings: General Yakubu Gowon and His Contributions to Nigeria
324. General Murtala Muhammed and the Re-Formation of Nigeria
325. In the Mind of Time: Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and Nigeria
326. Served Nigeria: The Elder Statesmanship of Alhaji Shehu Shagari
327. The Moral Giant: General Muhammadu Buhari
328. Nigeria Consolidated!: How General Tunde Idiagbon Built the New Nigeria
329. Who Is General Babangida?
330. Why I Love Nigeria: Chief M.K.O. Abiola’s Vision of a Greater Nigeria
331. Almighty Saningeria: General Sani Abacha and the Power-Politics of 1990s Nigeria.
332. The New Beginning: General Abdulsalam Abubakar and the Foundations of Democracy in Nigeria
333. General T.Y. Danjuma and the Making of Nigeria
334. The Sunny Rays of Biafra: Ojukwu’s Other Side of the Story
335. Trailing the Blaze: The Attainments of Alhaji Abubakar Atiku
336. The New Genius: Tinubu and the Nigeria State
337. The First First Lady: Remembering Dr. Mrs. Maryam Babangida
338. Intellectualising Nigerian Politics: The Role of Professor Jerry Gana
339. We Shall Reform Nigeria: Mallam Nasir El-Rufai and the New Nigeria
340. Enter the Czar: President Nuhu Ribadu of Nigeria
341. No. 1 Bush House: Secretary General Emeka Anyaoku
342. Aminu Kano: Voice of the Talakawa
343. The Master Stroke: Professor Wole Soyinka’s Nation Building Efforts
344. On the Pages of Gold: Professor Chinua Achebe and Nigeria
345. The Fight for Nigeria: Chief Gani Fawehinmi’s Nigeria
346. The Sword and the Quill: The Life and Times of Sultan Bello
347. We Saved Nigeria: Alhaji Maitama Sule and the Making of Nigeria
348. Oloibiri, Nigeria: The Vision and Struggles of Ken Saro Wiwa
349. Fela and the Beat: Fela Anikulapo and the National Crises
350. Sardauna the Icon: Sir Ahmadu Bello Sardaunan Sokoto and Nigeria
351. Herbert Macauley and the Emergence of Nigeria
352. Sir Kassim Ibrahim and the Politics of First Republic Power-Brokering
353. Shehu Musa Yar’adua the Nigerian Hero
354. President Umaru Musa Yar’adua Of Blessed Memory
355. The 12-Day Revolutionary: The Life and Times of Isaac Jasper Adaka Boro

Ancient Nigeria
356. Nigeria the Cradle of Civilisation: Human Culture and Civilisation Begun in Ancient Nigeria


Nupe the Origin
357. Nupe the Origin: How All the Tribes In Nigeria Originated From Nupe
358. Bayajida was Nupe: How the Hausa People Originated from Nupe
359. Oduduwa was Nupe: How the Yoruba People Originated from Nupe
360. Aro Chukwu was Nupe: How the Ibo People Originated from Nupe
361. Ogane was Nupe: How the Edo-Benin People Originated from Nupe
362. Ashadu was Nupe: How the Igala Originated from Nupe
363. Kanta was Nupe: How the Kebbi People Originated from Nupe
364. Korau Was Nupe: How the People of Katsina Originated from Nupe
365. Jukun, Kwararafa, Nupeko and Nupekoro
366. Queen Amina of Zaria Was Nupe: How the People of Zaria Originated from Nupe
367. The Dahomey Connection: How the People of Benin Republic Originated from Nupe
368. The Nupe Kingdom of Kataf
369. Ifa is Nupe: The Yoruba Religion Of Ifa Is A Nupe Religion
370. How the People of the Niger Delta Originated from Nupe
371. Tsudi, Kanta and Askia: How the Songhai Empire Originated from Nupe
372. The Quest of Mungo Park
373. Benin Haplotype: How the African Americans Originated from Nupe
374. Tapa Oshodi the Nupe Founder of Lagos
375. How Egypt Originated from Nupe
376. How the Greeks Originated from Nupe
377. Abraham Lincoln Nupenci: The Nupe Blood In American Leaders
378. Oyo Kingdom was Nupe
379. Origin of Nupe: Where Is the Origin of the Nupe People?
380. Gbagyi and Nupe are One and the Same People!
381. The Hausa Bakwai-Banza Bakwai Lie
382. Etsu Shango Akpara the Shango Tapa: The Nupe Man Who Founded Yoruba
383. Nupeko: The Rise of the Greater Nupe
384. Kisra
385. Ife Bronzes or Nupe Bronzes?
386. Kambaja: The Niger-Benue Nupe Empire that Gave Birth to Nigeria
387. Kwa Kukuruku: How West Africa Originated from Nupe
388. Bantu: How the South Africans Originated from Nupe
389. Ainu Nupe: How the Japanese Originated from Nupe
390. Nok Culture the Nupe Culture
391. Aunty Ciata, Zumbi and Samba: How the People of Brazil Originated from Nupe
392. Kangoma: How the Kamuku and Other Peoples Originated from Nupe
393. KinNupe was Original Borgu
394. Bida Taguntagun or Bida Miscellanea
395. How Science Originated from Nupe Spiritualism
396. How the Indians Originated from Nupe
397. How the People of Borgu Originated from Nupe
398. The Dendo Dynasty: From Mallam Dendo To Etsu Yahaya Abubakar
399. Professor S.F. Nadel and Nupe
400. The Wandering Nupe
401. Elemkpe: The Nupe Kingdom of Oduduwa
402. Eba, Ifa, Ega and Eshe: Spiritualism in KinNupe and its Impact on the World
403. Osiris the Nupe World Emperor
404. Nupe the First Force: How Nupe Dominates Nigeria
405. Nupe Supremacy I: Essays On The Supremacy Of The Nupe Nation
406. Nupe Supremacy II: Essays On The Supremacy Of The Nupe Nation
407. Nupe Supremacy III: Essays On The Supremacy Of The Nupe Nation
408. Nupe Supremacy IV: Essays On The Supremacy Of The Nupe Nation
409. Nupe Supremacy V: Essays On The Supremacy Of The Nupe Nation
410. Random Notes I: Notes On Nupe Culture and History On Facebook
411. Random Notes II: Notes On Nupe Culture and History On Facebook
412. Random Notes III: Notes On Nupe Culture and History On Facebook
413. Random Notes IV: Notes On Nupe Culture and History On Facebook
414. Random Notes V: Notes On Nupe Culture and History On Facebook

Ancient Nupe
415. Tsudi the Great
416. Kororofa the Glory that was Nupe
417. Kwa Speculations: Settling the Controversies in Nupe History
418. Tsatsa Caliphate: Sokoto Caliphate or Nupe Caliphate?
419. The Death of Tsoede
420. The Sign of Sara: The Maltese cross In the History of Ancient KinNupe: Prehistoric Christianity In KinNupe
422. Eba the Religion of Nupe
423. The River Niger In Nupe History
424. Nupe Spiritualism
425. The Cult of Ndaduma
426. Yisa The Nupe Emperor: The Kisra People And Early Christianity In Prehistoric KinNupe
427. Islam in KinNupe
428. The Ndakogboya
429. Sara Jiya
430. Nupe the Lost Language
431. Nife: The Pre-Tsoede Nupe People
432. The Kingdom Of The Kaduna
433. Ancient Koro
434. The Nda People
435. Gara
436. Kwararafa Re-rising
437. Eyagi and Oyo
438. Dibo Is Aboriginal Nupe
439. The Dance of Egbe: Kakanda the Ancient Nupe: Who Are the Akanda People?
440. The Bini Confederacy
441. AtaGara
442. Guta: The Story of Ancient Nupe Numeration
443. Esa
444. The Goyi Overlords: Who Are The Nupe-Fulanis?
445. The Kyadya Nupe People

Nupe History
446. The Battle of Mugba Mugba
447. The History of Bida
448. The History of Patigi
449. Wabaji: The History of Raba
450. Might of the Ndakpwatwa: The History of Tsaragi
451. The History Agaie
452. Birnin Jantabo: The History of Lapai
453. The History of Mokwa
454. Teaching My Teachers: Reverend A.W. Banfield the White Nupe Man
455. Professor Michael Mason and Nupe
456. Etsu Tsado the Incredible
457. The History of Jebba
458. Kontagora Emirate the Nupe Emirate
459. The Maxim Gun and How Nupe Influence World Military Warfare
460. The Story of Etsu Zubairu Majiya
461. Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowther and Nupe
462. The History of Lafiagi
463. The Story of Hornemann
464. Gogo Habiba
465. Etsu Muhammadu Kobo
466. The History of Lokoja
467. Emir Usman Zaki
468. Daudu Maza
469. Mallam Babba
470. The History of Tsonga
471. Etsu Masaba the Great: The Story of the Rise of the Dendo Dynasts In KinNupe
472. The Mahdi From Nupeland: Shehu Abdurrahman Gbaji
473. The First Battle of Bida or BBI
474. The Second Battle of Bida or BBII
475. Umaru Nagwamatse: The Restless Nupe Prince
476. The History of Kutigi
477. Frederick Lugard the Anti-Nupe
478. The Role of Taubman Goldie and the Royal Niger Company
479. Mallam Dendo Alias Manko
480. Nupe Timeline: A Timetable Dictionary Of Nupe History

Modern Nupe Nation
481. Nupe the Fourth Force: How Nupe Dominates Nigeria
482. Edu State: The Case of an Homeland State for the Nupe Nation
483. The Bida Basin: The Petroleum Deposits of Nupeland and Its Implications
484. Attacking the Attackers: Why We Need Edu State
485. Baro Port: The Implications
486. Nupe Diaspora
487. The Learned Elders of Edu

Nupe Orthography
488. Nupe Words and their Meanings
489. English-Nupe Dictionary
490. Nupe-English Dictionary
491. A Classical Dictionary Of The Nupe Language
492. Nupe the Lost Language
493. Nupe Names

Prominent Nupe Peoples
494. Etsu Yahaya Abubakar and the Nupe Empire
495. Princess of the Niger: Senator Zainab Kure and Niger State
496. Crane BCC: Biography of Alhaji Bagudu Waziri
497. Mark of the Quintessential: Autobiography of Alhaji Shehu Ahmadu Musa Makaman Nupe
498. Alhaji Abdulmalik Ndayako the Shaba Nupe
499. Biography of Late Alhaji Dr. Umaru Sanda Ndayako the 12th Etsu Nupe
500. Biography of Alhaji Muhammadu Liman
501. The Green Badge of Courage: The Glories of Alhaji Abubakar Gimba
502. The Man Who Wrote NPN: Suleman Takuma the Red Giant Secretary
503. Patrician of the Middle Belt: Reflections on the Life and Times of Alhaji Aliyu Makaman Nupe
504. Mrs Sarah Jubril
505. A Day with Pastor Amos Z. Tsado
506. Federal Minister Ahman Patigi
507. Alhaji Ndagi Faruk
508. Alhaji Yahaya S. Dangana

Ancient Philosophy
509. The True Story of Philosophy
510. The Secrets of Socrates: The Greek Philosophers were Black African Negroes!
511. The Cult of Reason: Rasa the Sara Age of Enlightenment
512. Masara-Aji: Greek Philosophy was African Folklore
513. The Ancient Religion of Fara Safa: How Philosophy Originated from Africa
514. Hoary Thebes, Saba or Safa?: The Seat of Philosophy in Ancient Egypt
515. Western Philosophy is a Lie!
516. Hikmat Movement: Thy African Islam Cometh!
517. Thoth the African
518. The Naturalist Philosophers
519. Farasaka: Freethinking or Fara Thinking?
520. Behind the Curtain of Romanticism

Philosophical Issues
521. Ars Memorativa: Orality is Sacred, Writing is Evil
522. The Danger of Knowledge
523. The Power of Music
524. Azygous Reality: Opposites Don’t Exist
525. Nothing
526. Hierarchy of Being
527. The End of Time
528. The problem With Reason
529. Adana: The Philosophy of Pleasure
530. The Pyschopathological Tenth
531. Sibaris Carnival: The Pain of Enjoyment
532. The Thought-Reality Dichotomy
533. As’hab Kahf: Of Time and the Current
534. How to Change Reality

535. Murdering Machiavelli: Confounding the Claims of Niccolo Machiavelli
536. Talking Cure
537. God Is A Dead Man: Friedrich Nietzsche the Anti-God
538. Misinterpretation of Dreams: Freud’s Fake Cry of Liberty
539. Plato is Prophet Abraham!
540. Wednesday Psychoanalytic Class
541. Black Aristotle: Modern Aristotle is a Fiction!
542. The Very Ancient Pythagoras
543. The Sankara Doctrine: Socrates was a Black African Prophet
544. The Crown of Empedocles: Who Is Empedocles?
545. The Skepticism of Pyrrho
546. Thales, Osiris, Prophet Salih
547. Stoa Poikile?: Zeno and Stoicism
548. The Sophoi Legacy: The Seven Wise Men
549. Cartesian Evil
550. Saint Augustine
551. Aristippus Slandered
552. Euclid and the Religion of Fara Mara
553. Leucippus the Atomslayer
554. Philo Judaeus
555. Thales the Unknown
556. On the Gods of Protagoras
557. Novum Organum? Who was Francis Bacon?
558. Epistle to the Reader of the Essay: The Tabula Rasa Plagiarism of John Locke
559. The Da Vinci Cult
560. Spinoza the Enlightened
561. Blavastsky and Theosophy
562. The Corgito Rationalism of Rene Descartes

563. Empirica Vitrivus: A Call for the Abolition of Science
564. One Fact Against Einstein
565. Non-Algebraic Calculus
566. Alchemy Fraternity: The Cult of the Islamic Scientists
567. The Mentors of Solon: How Science Originated from Africa
568. The Myth of the Scientific Method
569. Boskovijk: Vector and Scalar Science
570. Sais: The Religion of Science
571. Quantum is Wrong with the Theory of Gravity
572. The End of Science: This is the Age of Technology: The Difference Between Science and Technology
573. S-Ray: The True Quest of Marie Curie
574. Archimedes and the Screw
575. The Anomalies in the Story of Isaac Newton
576. Nicolaus Copernicus: The Earth Is Flat After All!
577. The Shady Side of Science
578. The African Origins of Science
579. How Science Invented Poverty
580. Science and the Occult: The Connection Between Science and Witchcraft
581. The Magic Called Water
582. Controversial Flouride
583. Biochemistry

Ancient Sciences
584. Orality Versus Literacy
585. The True Nature Of Chemistry: The Alchemists Were Spiritualists
586. Physics the Religion of the Ancients: The Lie of the Physical Sciences
587. The Kamat Religion of Mathematics
588. Who Invented the Aeroplane?

589. Ouroboros: The Errors of Evolutionism
590. The Theory of Devolution
591. Boskop: The Homo species were Advanced than Homo Sapiens
592. Sabbathanthropus: How the Apes Descended from Human Beings
593. Billion Year Homo Sapiens
594. There was Never a Stone Age!
595. The Cretin of the Galapagos Island: DNA Destroys Darwinism
596. The Heel of Elan Vital: No Transitional Forms
597. The Fall of Lamarck: The End of the Theory of Vestigial Organs
598. Survival of the Fittest: The Political Horrors of Darwinism
599. The Non-Evolving Colecanth: Species have not been Changing
600. Dinosaurus Rex
601. Dinosauroid Sapiens!
602. The Myth of the Neanderthal Man

603. The Population Explosion Myth
604. Fall of the Family in the West
605. The Pink Plague: Pornography Conquers the World
606. One Sex World: The Coming Age of the Fags
607. Why Sports?: What They Are Not Telling You About the Hazards of Sports

Social Vices
608. Social Violence in the West
609. Divorce and the West
610. A Treatise Against Nudism
611. What is wrong With Pornography?
612. The Three Horsewomen: Nudism, Sex, and Pornography
613. The Curse of Immorality
614. The Fall of the Family

615. The Man Who Sleeps: The Dangers of Sleeping
616. Anger
617. Wait: Patience the Mark of the Genius
618. How Laziness Kills
619. Don’t Be Wicked
620. The Power of Ritalk Thinking
621. Talking is Crying: Silence is the Ultimate Word
622. A Discourse on Work: Work the Supreme Implement
623. How to Kill Sadness
624. The Science Of Meditation: How to Meditate the Effective Way
625. The Art of Conversation
626. Carlito’s Smile: The Sweet Taste of Revenge: Never Forget, Never Forgive
627. The Dangers of Extravagancy
628. Talking, Thoughts and Emotions: The Three Phases of Communication
629. Pretending Is Self-Defeating
630. The Power of Smiling
631. The Art of Confrontation: How to Handle Your Enemies
632. The 99 Laws of Power
633. Of Promises and Debts
634. Mu’amalat and Fidelity: The Rules of Disengagement
635. Minus Three Times
636. Discourse on Wealth: How to Become Rich
637. The Danger of Telling Lies
638. The Lamentation of the Ungodly
639. Generosity
640. The Lord of Money: Rab ul Mal
641. How to Persuade
642. Pain, Time and Gain
643. The Danger of Hatred
644. Why You Should Not Be Crafty
645. The Rules of Disengagement: The High Art of Mu’amalat Intercourse

The Occult
646. Divine Darkness: The Sacredness of Darkness and the Evil of Light
647. Rasa Ascension: How To Live In The Other Worlds
648. The Worlds: The UnderWorlds and the OverWorlds
649. The Lizard Theory: Jahanam and the Dragon Race
650. The Hidden Knowledge: How All the Forces of the World Are Looking for the Hidden Knowledge of Ultimate Power
651. A Description of Hell
652. The Veils of Sama’u
653. Rasa Karasa: The Rose and the Cross
654. Rituals
655. Psychic Wars: Using the Mind to Fight
656. Idolenslavement
657. The Power of Fasting
658. Emmosymdre: The Language of the Subconscious: Emotions-Moods and Symbolism-Dreams
659. Of Bells and Hounds: Summoning the Demons
660. By the Light
661. As Men Thinketh
662. Music and the Ancients
663. The Power of Symbols
664. Chastity the Seventh Gable
665. What Is A Ghost? Inquiries Into the true Nature of a Ghost
666. The Sign of the Circle
667. What is Magic?
668. How to Be Born Again
669. PsyTalk Communication
670. The Cross
671. Ancient Wisdom of the Sacrum
672. The Nafs
673. Endless Power: Zikr, Meditation and the Effect of Periodicity
674. Ultimate Horror!: Realisation of the Mechaspiritual Interface
675. The 51st Law of Power: Act, Don’t React
676. Interpret Your Dreams: The Ancient Science of Dream Interpretation
677. Over It Are Three: The Potency of the Number Three
678. The Spheres of Sound: Sound and the Ancients
679. Acquiring Psychic Powers
680. The Number 13 and the Mind
681. The Occult Powers of Dancing
682. The Reptile Inside Man: Occult Mysteries of the Central Nervous System
683. The Tree Inside: Occult Mysteries of the Cardiovascular System
684. Hades and the Underworld: The Denizens and Abode of Hades
685. The Power of Blood
686. King Solomon Communication
687. 33
688. The Sacred Twelve
689. The Book of Numbers

The Metaphysical
690. Intentions: This Is My Story
691. The Power Behind Words
692. The Tenth Intellect: The Soul
693. The Book of Deeds: Beware Actions are Living Beings!
694. What is Life?
695. The Elementals
696. General Spirit: How to organise and Win Spiritual Battles: How to Command Spiritual Battalions
697. How to Change Reality
698. Alter Ego: The Other Selves

The Cultists
699. Agent 72: The True Identity and Role of Benjamin Franklin
700. The Golden Mean of Da Vinci
701. Henrietta Herz and The Sex Orgies
702. Joan of Arc?
703. Michelangelo the Medium
704. Neo-Nasara: Jean Jacques Rousseau the Prophet
705. Learning Latin and Nonsense: The Strange Story of François-Marie de Voltaire
706. The Role of Alistair Crowley
707. By the Goat: Who is Baphomet?

708. Living in the Samawat
709. Wings of the Trisagion: The True Nature of the Angels
710. Toilers of the Bottle: Our Slaves the Jinns
711. Spiritual Communication: How to Acquire Spiritual Powers: How to Go Spiritual
712. Death One: The Battle of the Spirits
713. What is the Spirit?
714. The Armour of Gabriel: Satan Versus Angel Gabriel
715. Spirit Versus Matter: There and Then, Here and Now
716. Angel of the Mountains: The Guardian Angels
717. How to Fight and Defeat Satan
718. Sex and the Spirit
719. The Question of Reincarnation
720. Azazil’s Way: Living Among the Angels
721. Rasailu s-Shaytan: The Sara Prophets of Shaytan
722. How to Rule Over the Spirits
723. A Letter to Satan
724. How to Conquer Death
725. Angel Gabriel
726. Archangel Michael
727. The Night of the Jinn
728. The God of Eden
729. How to Talk to the Jinns
730. The Fourth Dimension: The Realm of the Spirits
731. Jabara-El: Gabriel the God of the Jabara OverWorld

732. Fara Masara: The Table of the Sun, the Eye of Udjat, and Freemasonry
733. Gods of the Snake: The Reptilian Connection of Satan
734. Black is Sacred: Were All the Prophets Black African Negroes?
735. AntiChrist Dajjal: God of the Third Light
736. The Epitaph of Dao: Taoism and the World
737. The Fire Of Zaradushata: Magians and the Zend-Avesta
738. The Ultimate Sway of the Holy Grail
739. Guardian God El: The Ilahs Rule
740. The Problem with Religion
741. Darkness Religion
742. Who is Satan?
743. The Prayer of the Sun: The Universal Religion of the Sun
744. The Lamb and the Cross
745. Darkness Religion the Original Religion
746. Kitaba the Table of the Sun
747. What Was the Role of Thomas Aquinas?
748. Ecumeniwar: The Clash of World Religions

The Prophets
749. Who Is Krishna?: The Black Powder of Krishna
750. Osiris the Prophet of the Sun
751. In the Belly of the Fish: Prophet Jonah the Great Fish Man
752. Al-Khidir the Draco?
753. Ahura Mazda and the 32
754. Buddha and Mithra
755. The Parable of ZhulQarnain
756. Prophet Adam
757. Prophet Noah: The Gush of At-Tannur and the Son of Lamech
758. Prophet Abraham
759. The Nine Signs of Moses: The Sign of the Fire, the Snake and the Fish: Sama and Deciphering the True Identity of Prophet Moses
760. Prophet Enoch
761. Prophet Solomon
762. Prophet Joseph
763. Mithra the African
764. Zeus the First God
765. Sara the Religion of Light and Patriarchy
766. Julius Caesar was a God!
767. Sada and Jamara: Prophet Lot’s Messengers of Sijjin


768. How to Perform Ablution
769. The Rule of Raka’at
770. The Well of Buda’ah: On the Nature of Cleanliness in Maliki Fiqh
771. Zakat
772. Hajj Inside Out
773. Salat
774. The Gate Of Raiyan: Fasting In Islam
775. Ghusl
776. Marriage In Islam

Islamic Theology
777. Allah
778. Iman
779. Tauhid
780. Ibadat
781. Taqwa
782. Tawba: Superman Ma’iz: The Miracle of Repentance In Islam
783. Ikhlas
784. Al-Kaba’ir the Major Sins
785. Life in the Grave
786. Music In Islam
787. The Lake of Kauthar
788. Sufism and Islam
789. The Science of Zamakhshari: The Efforts of the Tafsir Interpreters
790. Rabita
791. Khubsi wa Khaba’ith: The Intercourse Between Jinns and Human Being
792. Tawassul and Life in the Grave
793. The Qasab Palace of Khadijat
794. Yawm Qiyama: The Day Of Resurrection
795. Tasshafu
796. Zikr: How to Engage in Allahpresence Thinking
797. Shafa’a
798. Qada and Qadar: The Question of Predestination in Islam
799. Ummul Kitab and the Sahifa
800. On the Authority of Amr bin Luhai: Worshipping the Dead In Islam: Do Muslims Worship the Walis?
801. The Question of Dhul Yadain: Talfiq and the Future of the Four Mazhabs
802. Ibn Taimiyya and the Heretics
803. Baqi’ al-Gharqad: Communicating with the Dead in Islam
804. Harut and Marut: The Question of Re-Incarnation in Islam
805. Iradat-i Juziyya: Is Partial Will a Mirage In Islam?
806. How to Become a Wali
807. The New Masjid-i Zirar: The Case of Rashid Rida and his New Islam
808. The Sign of Ibn Ubbay: Muhammad Abduh’s Islamism
809. The Tree of Zaqqum: The Deadly Tree of Hell
810. When Is Akhira?
811. As-Sama’u
812. The Cry Of Sahiha: The Sound of Doomsday
813. Sidrat-ul-Muntaha
814. Al-Bait-ul-Ma’mur
815. The Hadith of Ubaydah: The Issue of the Fabricated Hadiths
816. This Is Not Islam: The Case of the Unconsidered Bida’as
817. Islam and Banking
818. The Question of Interest In Islam
819. The Science of Hadith

Islam and Philosophy
820. Imam Ghazali and the Remaking of Islam
822. Ibn Sina On Islam
823. Ibn Rushd at the Crossroads
824. Islam and Philosophy

Islam and Science
825. Islam and Science

Africa and Islam
826. Aminu The African: The African Ancestry of Prophet Muhammad
827. Ibn Abi-Kabsha: The African Origins of Islam
828. Bilal the Saul of Islam: As-Sabi, the Sahaba and Black in Islam
829. Saba: The African Antecedents of Islam
830. Hassan Al-Basari the African Lawgiver of Islam
831. Eight In Pairs: Jahiliyya Was An African Religion
832. As-Sa’a: The End Civilisation of Post-History
833. The Role of Basra in the History of Islam
834. Allah the Ar-Rahman
835. Brother Ashama the First Emperor of Islam: How Islam was Established by African Rulers for Prophet Muhammad
836. Caliph Harun ar-Rashid: The Man who Re-Africanised Islam
837. Ilm the African Science
838. The Spectre of Bu’ath: Who Are the Ansars
839. Hikma the African Movement
840. Who are the Ahlul Kitab?
841. The True Ahl-i Bayt
842. The African Persuasions of Jalaladin ar-Rumi
843. Islam is not Arabism: The Camel and the Eye of the Needle
844. Aravasthan: The African Connections Of Hindu Origins of Islam
845. The Samud
846. Where is Baka? Where is Makka?
847. Ma hui ma: The African Origins of Chinese Muslims
848. Hassan Sabah and the Return to African Islam
849. Sara Wara
850. Freemasonry, Sufism and Islam: The African Roots of Islamic Mysticism
851. The African Origin of the Arabic Language
852. The African Origins of Shi’ism
853. Man from Ad: The Mahdi is an African
854. Codex Kwa: African Words in the Qur’an
855. Who Is Musailama: The True Identity and Real Mission of Musailama
856. Saba, Safa: How Sufism Originated From Africa
857. The Companions of A’raf
858. Hanif: The Religion of the Munafiqs
859. Safa and Marwa: A Tale of Two Ancient African Civilisations
860. Muslim King on Pagan Throne
861. The Market of Qainuqa: Who Really were the Ansars?
862. As-ab Suffa: Who Really were the Muhajirun?
863. Paradise Alamut: Hassan as-Sabah and the Assassins of Nizar
864. Maghrib and the Other Forms of Ancient Islam
865. Abdul Muttalib the African
866. The Black Leaders of Islam
867. The Quraish: Who Are They?
868. The African Capitals of Islam: Mecca, Yathrib, Kufa, Basra, Cairo
869. Yemen and the African Origins of Islam
870. The Negus of Ethiopia and the Sahabas
871. Africa and the Umayyads
872. Africa and the Fatimids
873. Dhul-Khalasa: The Other Ka’aba
874. The Aryanising of Prophet Muhammad
875. Sa’ad bin Abu Waqqas
876. Africa and Islam: A Scholastic Discourse On the Inextricability of the Connexion Between Africa and International Islam

Islamic History
877. The Battle of Badr and the Three Hundred and Ten
878. Thani Ithnain: Caliph Abubakar
879. Caliph Umar: The Story of Umar ibn al-Khattab, the Tall Conqueror
880. This Is Usman’s Hand!: Caliph Usman
881. Caliph Ali
882. What Was His Name?
883. Aryana Islam: The Arabicisation, Persianisation and Westernisation of Islam
884. Abu Jandal and Abu Basir: The Muslim Robin Hoods
885. The Sahaba
886. Sunni Islam
887. Imam Azam Abu Hanifa
888. Imam Shafi’i
889. Imam Maliki: Abu Abdillah Malik Ibn Anas
890. Imam Hambali
891. Ibn Kathir and Qadi Iyad
892. La-Madhabism
893. Rashid Rida and Islamic Modernism
894. Muwatta Imam Malik
895. The Ummayad Caliphate
896. The Ottoman Caliphate
897. The Abbasid Caliphate

International Islam
898. Demise of the Caliphate: International Islam Versus European Colonialsim
899. Islamic Driver: Return of the Caliphate
900. Protocols of the Learned Elders of International Islam
901. Rise of the Caliphate
902. Except Al-Idhkhir: The Predicaments of Islamic Modernism
903. Maliki Mazhab will Rule the World
904. The Hijab Revolution
905. Jihad and the Terror in Islam: Terrorism is not Islam
906. Sayyid Qutb and Modern Islam


907. Who Is Jesus?
908. Jesus and the Bible
909. Jesus in Other Religions
910. The Return of Jesus

Africa and Christianity
911. The African Origins of Christianity
912. Rome and the Early Christians
913. Yesu: European and African Christianity
914. Africa and the Church Fathers

915. The Daemon of Sara: What Was Israel?
916. The Religion of Ada
917. Rothschildsland
918. The Hills of Megiddo: All-Judaan and the Fault of Zionism

Africa and the Jews
919. The First Tribe: Africa Is Israel
920. How Judaism Originated From Africa
921. Hebrew: The Ancient Language of Africa
922. The Original City of Jerusalem
923. The River of Sambathion: Negro Africans are the Real Jews
924. Deuteronomy: The African Fetishism

925. Hinduism and Africa

926. Women’s Movement: The Story of the Women Liberation Movement
927. The Mother Age: When Women Ruled the World
928. Nnakun: Are Women Greater than Men?
929. Madonna and the Mother Age
930. Arya Tara: Thesis on How All Religions Revere and Glorify the Dignity of Women
931. Amon Ra was a Woman!: Amon-Ra, Amara, Mara, Maryam, Mary, Moor
932. The Law of Bachofen: Sex and the German Psychologists
933. Kali the Black One: Wrong Information on Historical Women
934. All-Mother Isis
935. The Wrong Cleopatra
936. The Real Queen of Sheba
937. The Nigerian Woman
938. Sojourner Truth
939. Super Women: The Emerging Women of Power and Influence
940. Matriarchy

941. I Computer: Will Computers Conquer and Eventually Enslave Man?
942. The Son of Mary Arden: Who Wrote Shakespeare? There Was no William Shakespeare
943. The Morte of Malory: Sir Thomas Malory Never Existed
944. The Flames of Demonology: King James the Author
945. Okari Eme: Writing Originated from Africa
946. Theatre of the Globe: How a Fictitious Western History Invented a Non-existent Western Literature

947. Poeme Fatale: The Dangerous Poets of Europe
948. The Death of Poetry
949. The Other Side of Poetry: Why I Hate Poetry

Orality Versus Literature
950. Ars Memorativa: Recitation Is Sacred, Writing Is Evil
951. Writing and Idolatry
952. Alphabets of the Psyche: The Preliterate Civilisations
953. Super Literacy
954. Iqra!: Islam and the Bane of Writing
955. The Return of Ubber Orality
956. Safa: The High Orality of the Ancient
957. The Orality of Religion: Religion And Writing

958. The Law of the Tortoise: How the Law failed to Capture the Mind and the Spirit
959. Shadow Management: The Shenanigan of Company Law
960. Balfour Vs Balfour: The Contradiction of English Law
961. Hammer Fall
962. Imposed or Received: The Injustice of the Common Law In Colonial Nigeria
963. The Destruction of Our Customary Laws
964. How Western law Originated from Africa

965. The Dynamics of Lymphedema
966. The Scapula
967. The Mind and the Gut: The Physiology of Fear

Medicine and the Spirit
968. The Spiritual Basis of Human Pathology
969. Satan CNS and Forbidden Fruit CVS: The Snake and the Fire Inside Man
970. The Sacral Bone
971. The Claims of Homeopathy

973. The Psychology of Madness
974. Arthritis and the Mind
975. Cortisol and Insulin: How the Mind Causes Diabetes
976. Essentials of Psychiatry
977. The Load Of Allostasis: Stress and the Immune System
978. The Psychology of Pain
979. A Treatise on Drug Dependence
980. The Case of Anaethesia
981. The Debate on Cholinergism

The Fault With Modern Medicine
982. Equatorial Killers: Tropical Diseases of Equatorial Africa
983. Bacteria?
984. Doctors of Controversy: Doctors that Shook the Medical World
985. The Primomicrozyma Element: Destroying the Basis of the Germ Theory
986. Diseases Don’t Kill
987. Virus Don’t Kill!
988. Is Red the Colour of Life?: The Wrong Tenets of Western Haematology
989. The Denizens of Histo: Histology and the Continuing Controversy
990. Parkinsonism the Unknown Ailment
991. The Anxiolytics: Is Anxiety Treatable?
992. Why the Ulcers?

Medicine and International Conspiracy
993. The Null Hypothesis: The International Intrigue of the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis
994. Pharma-Cartel: The Conspiracy Behind Western Orthodox Medicine
995. Rabies is Impossible
996. The truth About Diabetes
997. The Lie of Prostate Cancer
998. Painkillers or Painful Killers?
999. Killer Orthodox Medicine
1000. Mafia Medicine
1001. Fictitious and Theoretical Diseases
1002. Tuberculosis Lie
1003. Typhoid Mary?
1004. The Lie of Embryology
1005. Those Who Lied Against Cancer: The True Cause of Cancer
1006. The Myth of Vaccination: The Dangers of Vaccination
1007. Iatrogenocide: Death by Medicine
1008. What is Wrong With the NSAIDs?
1009. The Glucocorticoid Menace
1010. Last Days of the Third Worlder: Using Malaria for Biological Genocide
1011. Medicines Don’t Cure!
1012. And What About Tetanus?
1013. The Horrors of Chemotherapy
1014. Do Viruses Exist?

Fringe Medicine
1015. Why Vegetarianism Is wrong
1016. In Favour of Pleomorphism
1017. The Soil Theory
1018. Cell Salt Homeopathy
1019. The Seven Stages of Disease
1020. Water the Living Thing
1021. The Incredible Effects of Calcium
1022. How Effective is Kirlian Photography
1023. Reflections on Reflexology
1024. Anthroposophical Medicine
1025. So Spake Kinesiology
1026. Tenets of Osteopathy
1027. Chiropractic
1028. Rolfing
1029. The Therapeutics of Breathing
1030. Naturopathy
1031. Dianetics
1032. Interferential Therapy
1033. Aromatherapy
1034. Orthomolecular Medicine
1035. Bioenergetics

1036. Zabolugwa
1037. Professor Janus
1038. Mgbaragidi
1039. Ganagun the Anti-Nupe
1040. Invasion Kpatatsozhi
1041. The Landzun Master Story-Teller: Stories of Witchcraft and the International Nupe

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