A Boy brutally beaten for going to charge phone at neighbors house

Boy brutally beaten for going to charge phone at neighbors house

Boy brutally beaten for going to charge phone at neighbors house


Boy brutally beaten for going to charge phone at neighbors house
According to a reliable source here is the full report:

It all started at around 11 when I received a call from my best friend Oshionebo who asked if we had light in our area
My reply was No and then I asked why he asked
He said For the past three days now there has been no electricity in their area at their area at Winners Road Opposite Mr Biggs
He said we had an online class at 1 in the afternoon so he needed to charge his phone as at that moment cause his battery was remaining 5%
He asked some more friends and a girl told him they had light as at that moment
He was happy and determined to walk from his house at Winners Road down to Aibotse
On his way there he called me and told me about where he was going
I teased him not to do anything funny with the girl at her place
He laughed over it and we talked about our online class
He said when he got there he phoned the girl to come out and take his phone in for her to charge it for him
She insisted he came inside
He entered into the living room and found an extension on which he plugged his phone
He told the girl he would be leaving for home now as he would come back for the phone latter in the day
She said he should give her some time to change into something different so as to see him off
When she went inside
Her father came in and asked him who he is
He simply replied that he just came around to charge his phone
Immediately the man went inside his room and brought out a cutlass without his knowing
The man hit him on his back continuously
He wanted to escape but the man was fast to close the door He hit me few more times before he hit me on my head
After he hit me on my head I collapse to the ground
I thought I was dead
It was after I opened my eyes then I realized I was alived
I then fought my way to the door and finally escaped
I boarded a bike to Idogho hospital at jettu road
It was after i got to the hospital that I put a call across

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across to my family
The man was later arrested and he was asked to make his statement
He said _I stole his 170,000 he kept in his sitting room_
The witness *his daughter* was later called to give her statement which she said _He came to charge his phone. I tried explaining to my dad but he wouldn’t listen. He is just a friend and nothing more. My dad made false aligations against him_
He is currently in the police station

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