Indigenous Democracy – by Ndagi Abdullahi

Western powers are telling us today that democracy is a panacea to almost all the political and even otherwise problems of the world. It is only in democracy that the rights and dues of each and every member of the society is recognized ad granted. So, they kept on telling us.

But historical and sociological data are pointing in the other direction. All available information from all parts of the world are glaringly showcasing the fact that democracy has failed to solve the problems of humanity. In all parts of the world where democracy is practiced what has been the case instead is corruption and anarchy in the wake of establishment of the so-called democratic values and ethics.

If anything at all democracy has actually spelt doom and disaster instead of the peace and prosperity that has always been claimed to be the inevitable fruits of democracy.

And the catastrophe and disasters of democracy are not confined or restricted to just a particular bloc or class of nations but is endemic in all parts of the world regardless of the socioeconomic or sociocultural peculiarities of any given nation, region or bloc of nations.

The disasters associated with democracy are to be equally found among the First World and the Third World countries alike in all parts of the world. Such is it that it is obvious that democracy is more of a curse than a panacea for the problems of modern mankind.

But then, we may ask, why has democracy turned into a disaster for humanity rather than the blessing that democracy is always trumpeted to be?

The answer to this question is a multifaceted one with a lot of factors and sub-factors ramificating in all directions. We point out the paramount ones as follows:

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First is the fact that democracy as a theory is completely and totally different from, and in fact opposed to, democracy as a practice. Democracy look absolutely perfect in practice but is very imperfect in practice. It is so easy to see democracy as a perfect system of government in theory but it becomes almost impossible when it comes to practice it.

The problem with democracy is this impossible idea of egalitarianism of the one man one vote system of election which is based on the equally impossible concept of all human beings being equal in any given society. The egalitarian claim that all human beings in a given society should be accorded equal political, or otherwise, rights is a very wrong one for the simple and common sense reason that all members of a society can never be equal or the same politically or otherwise.

If all members of a society are not equal, which is a natural and inevitable reality, then according equal political or otherwise rights to these unequal members of the society will amount to injustice.

Thus is it that the very egalitarianism, which is the fundamental principle of democracy, that democracy preaches so much about is the same that is undoing of democracy. Those who propound and preaches the egalitarian theory of democracy are overlooking the fact that egalitarianism or equality is not natural. Egalitarianism or equality does not exist in nature. Yet it is this unnatural equality or egalitarianism that the democrats are always trying enforce in the society.

The fact that social equality or egalitarianism is impossible yet democrats are always foolhardily trying to make it possible in the society is one of the major reasons why democracy is a total and complete failure when it comes to practice. Democracy is more or less like making the impossible possible which, of course, will lead to chaos and catastrophe – exactly what democracy has resulted into.

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Anywhere democracy is practice in the world all we see are deceitful politicians, lies, corruption, social unrest and anarchy. This is the trademark of democracy in all the countries of the world that have imbibed the ideals and values of democratic governance.

The truth is that it is impossible to practice a perfect system of democracy and anybody who pretends to do so is a blatant liar – which, blatant liar, is what a successful democrat of a politician should be after all.

Another reason paramount reason why democracy is such an abysmal failure in all parts of the world is because even the propounders and proponents of democracy don’t know really what democracy is all about.

What Western scholarship is telling us today is that democracy is an ancient system of government that was first practiced by the ancient Greeks on the Aegean. The truth of the matter, however, is that the Greeks never practiced democracy and never knew anything about democracy especially in the modern form or guise that we know democracy today.

It is true that Western civilization got the name or word ‘democracy’ from the ancient Greeks because the ancient Greeks did mentioned ‘democracy’. But to the ancient Greeks democracy was an ancient religion practiced in prehistoric Black Negro Africa and not in Greece.

Black Negro Africa was known in very prehistoric times as Masara. And anything from Black Negro Africa used to be referred to as Masaraka. Furthermore any phenomenon related to Africa was also referred to as Ta-Masara or Ta-Masaraka. This Tamasaraka was also pronounced, dialectally, as Damasaraka or Damarasaka or Damakarasa. It was this Damakarasa, which was a spiritual system or religion from Black Negro Africa, that the ancient Greeks adapted and pronounced in a corrupt form that ultimately became Latinized into the way we pronounced it today as ‘Democracy’.

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Western scholarship is totally ignorant of this prehistoric and etymological origins of democracy as ancient spiritual system from the heart of Black Negro Africa. Instead Western schoralship has gone ahead to invent all manners of lies and stories about the origin of democracy as a system of political egalitarianism among the ancient Greeks gathering at the amphitheatres in ancient Athens.

The truth of the matter is that democracy originated from Black Negro Africa as an ancient African religion and not as an egalitarian system of politics.

In any case democracy as it is being theorized by Western scholarship today is impossible and it is destroying the world today. Democracy is today the bane of Western civilization. The disastrous consequences and results of dysfunctional democracy are everywhere for all to see in all parts of the world the First World and the Third World alike.

But the disastrous consequences of democracy seems to be more obvious and far more devastating in the Third World than in the First World. In all parts of the Third World where democracy is practiced with all vigorousness what we see is perennial violence, internecine battles and even civil wars all generated the decimally recurring electioneering that always usher in democratic dispensations.

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