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Wed. Dec 2nd, 2020


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Masataka Kai Kamata: The Prehistoric Religion of Chemistry – by Ndagi Abdullahi

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Chemistry is presented to us today as a respectable branch of the physical sciences. All manners of good things are related and narrated about the Western science of Chemistry. So much regard and respectability is accorded to Chemistry as a science that we cannot even attempt in the first place to imagine or impune any negativity whatever to the science of Chemistry.

Nobody is telling us anything negative about Chemistry. And nobody has ever told us anything about this remarkable science of Chemistry. Instead, all we are told is the laudable and remarkable achievements of the Western science of Chemistry especially in the industrial, biochemical, pharmaceutical and medical sectors.

The Western scholarship establishment is, whether by design or by mistake, not telling us the whole truth about what we know today as the science of Chemistry. There are so many issues and factors to the topic of Chemistry that the general public is not being informed about the Western science of Chemistry. These hidden issues and factors regarding the Western science of Chemistry are what we want to highlight, dwelt and discuss on in the following sections of this present work.

Chemistry not Better than Alchemistry

We will start by trying to go back to the true origins and beginnings of the Western science of Chemistry itself.

The conventional story today is that the Western science of Chemistry is a natural and refined development out of and above the medieval art of Alchemistry. In this context Chemistry is seen and portrayed by Western scholarship as an advanced and organized science in contrast to its predecessor art of Alchemistry which is then portrayed by Western scholarship to have been a silly, inexact and nonsensical art practiced by fraudulent and superstitous alchemists of the medieval era.

So, Western scholarship does accept that the science of Chemistry grew out of Alchemistry. But while Western scholarship admits that Alchemistry grew out of Chemistry, it condemns Alchemistry as a primitive and nonsensical art while it projects and laud Chemistry as a refined, exact and useful science. The fact, however, is that this is far from the truth. Chemistry is not really better or greater than Alchemistry.

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There is no evidence anywhere, whether in nature or in the empiricism that modern Western science prides itself about that Chemistry is better or more exact than Alchemistry.

In fact most of what we are being wrongly made to believe about the perfection or exactness of Chemistry today are nothing but exaggerated or falsified promotion of Chemistry. In other words, most of what we know today as the wonders of Chemistry and chemical science in industry, biochemistry, chemistry, pharmaceuticals and medicine are actually far exaggerations and rather misinformations on technical and technological sciences and knowledges some of which have actually been around since long before the time of modern Western chemistry and many of which are not really as effective, proficient or as exact as we are being made to actually believe or see.

Chemistry, for instance, is not really as exact and refined and perfect in medicine and pharmaceuticals as we are being made to believe. Anybody who have conducted even the most casual of research into the workings of modern pharmaceuticals will readily see for himself, for instance, that many drugs are far ineffective below or even completely ineffectual from what the doctors, the pharmacists and the pharmaceutical drug cartels are telling the general public. The chemical science or Chemistry behind the workings of these drugs and their effects in general medicine fail completely behind what the Western establishment of orthodox medicine is telling the general public. If we are to take just one drug for example, say the Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or the glucocorticoids for instance, we will immediately realize that the chemistry of any of this group of drugs is completely and totally ineffective below what Western orthodox medicine is making us believe to be the great chemical science behind the drugs.

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So, modern Chemistry is not really one great and wonderful science as we are being made to believe by Western scharship today. In fact the more we study the efficaciousness of Chemistry today the more we see that there are so many problems and imperfections associated with Chemistry that we actually really realize that there has a deliberate, but mischievous, campaign by conventional Western scholarship to exaggerate the achievements and efficaciousness of Chemistry and chemical science in general.

Chemistry is not perfect, neither is it even a science that has a near-perfection to it at all. In fact, and on the contrary to what Western scholarship is telling us, Chemistry is actually a bunkum of a Western science that has been wrongly window-dressed and mischievously presented to us a high science with all the trappings of a perfect science.

The truth of the matter is that the modern Western science of Chemistry is nothing but a woefully pitiable degeneration resulting from the woeful attempt of the West at an imitation and adoption of the ancient science of Alchemistry which was a perfect and immaculate science by all standards. So, and incredibly enough for the modern mind, it is modern Chemistry that is truly a mess and a nonsense of an art while ancient Alchemistry is the perfect and impeccable science.

It is truly amazing that modern Western scholarship have been able to convewniently turn reality on its head in a characteristic Smithsonian manner by effectively concincing the world that modern Chemistry is a perfect science while ancient Alchemistry is an imperfect art. The truth is actually the reverse, namely, that it is modern Chemistry that is imperfect and useless while ancient Alchemistry is a perfect and very effectual science.

What the Western scholarship establishment is not readily to admit to us is that the the it is not the ancient science of Alchemistry that is nonsensical but that, if the truth is to be told, it is the Western scholarship and scientific establishments that have failed to grasp and appreciate the true essence and perfection of the ancient science of Alchemistry. And the fact is that if the West failed to understand ands appreciate the essence and perfection of the ancient Science of Alchemistry that still shouldn’t blindfold us to the reality to the effect that Alchemistry is a perefect and impeccale science.

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As a matter of fact, and contrary to the surefooted pretensions of modern Western scholarship, the historical evidence stands in complete and total negation of the Western establishment pretensions of arrogancy towards Alchemistry. The historical testament is that the Western scientific and art establishments have struggled desperately throughout the ages to imitate, adapt and adopt Alchemistry but have consistently failed all along. It is the result of that failure that we see today as the very imperfect Western science of Chemistry.

The story of the Western science of Chemistry is nothing but the rather unpalatable story of how the West have repeatedly failed to achieve its undying desire to understand and adopt the ancient science of Alchemistry which the Western scientist have always known, secretly, to be the ultimate science of perfection – the science of the gods.

Right from the beginning the history of the contect of the West with ancient science of Alchemistry the story have always been that of the continuous attempt by the West to truly understand the essence of Alchemistry and to adapt and adopt it to the scientific nature amd needs of the West. But the West have, throughout the ages, failed to be able to understand the true essence of Alchemistry and have therefore been unale to acquire and adopt the essentials of Alchemistry into the mainstream of Western scientific establishment.

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