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Wed. Dec 2nd, 2020


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Master Tom’s Empire: Afrocentrism the New World Manifesto – by Ndagi Abdullahi

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Afrocentrism is the wordview and its attendant scholarship which sees and interprets the world from an African centric perspective. Afrocentrism sees everything about the world from an African vantage.

This Africa centric scholarship became necessary when African scholars realized that conventional Wesern schorlarship is parochially Europe and North American centric. African scholars and researchers discovered long ago that everything about the world have been mischievously and deliberately tilted and painted in favour of the Western culture and Western civilization by Western scholarship and that was when African scholars realized that there was the need for a debunking of the erroneous assumptions of Western schoraship.

Particularly Western scholarship was completely averse to anything positive about Africa. Western scholarship never portray Africa in positive lights instead everything about Africa was always negative as far as Western scholarship was concerned.

Now then, if Western scholarship was being sincere and genuine in portraying Africa in very negative lights African scholars would have gotten no option than to have simply accepted the truth as it is presented by Western scholarship. But that was not the case. What African scholars and researchers discovered was that Western scholarship was actually lying against Africa.

Western scholarship was deliberately twisted and contorted to portray Africa in very negative lights. African scholars and researchers discovered, for instance, that Western scholarship was particularly twisted during the slave era to portray the Negro race and Africa in very negative lights in order to justify the enslavement and exploitation of the Black man.

It was during the Trans-Atlantic Slave era that racist concepts and ideologies portraying the Negro race as more or less sub-human and apelike human beings were first broached by racist European and North American White scholars and writers who were working on the philosophy and a system of persuasion to convince the world that the Black man is fit for nothing but for enslavement and service to the White man.

Western scholarship was then used to efface the true history of the Black race and Africa and in its stead Western scholarship was then constructed to tell us that the Black race has no history because the Black man has achieved nothing historical since the Black man nothing but a little less than a monkey with very low, sub-human intelligence.

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It was in those days that European scholars and historians famously declared that Africa has no history and no past because Africans have never founded or established a culture or civilization.

Western scholarship was used by these racist White scholars as far as to distort the contextual message and religious texts most especially the Bible. We are all aware of how Slave Trade era White scholars used the story of Noah and his sons in the Genesis narration to tell us that Ham, who they claim to be the progenitory ancestor of the Black race, was cursed by Noah to being a perpetual slave to his brothers X and Japhet.

These racist White scholars working under the influence of Slave Trade era Western scholarship actually transformed the Bible into a White man’s scripture to the exclusion of the Black man. It was, for instance, since those days that we began to be told that the Biblical patriarchs, from Adam to Moses and even Jesus, were blond-haired, blue-eyed White men Caucasians – and Michaelangelo and Hollywood came to later portray the Biblical patriarchs as such.

This is despite the fact that the world have always known and believed, before the rise of Eurocentric racist Western scholarship, that the Biblical patriarchs – from Adam through Noah and Moses to Jesus – were originally Black African Negroes.

Western scholarship was also used to Whitewash all other fields of scholarship and sectors of human endeavours.

It was in recation to this Eurocentric and White racist Western scholarship that African scholars and researchers came up with their own Africa centric scholarship which is what we call Afrocentirsm today. Unlike Eurocentric scholarship, however, Afrocentrism is not racist and does not go the extra length of mischievously painting the White race in negative lights.

Nobody knows when Afrocentric scholarship started for real or who even started Afrocentism for that matter. But then rough guestimates can be made about the beginning of Afrocentric scholarship and also about the pioneering African scholars involved in Afrocentric scholarship.

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For sure we all know that Afrocentric scholarship first came to light and began to gather momentum in the 18th century. We also know for sure that Reverend Blymot Edward Blyden was among the first to establish Afrocentric scholarship as a respectable and scholarly genre. So prominent is the pioneering role played by Reverend Blyden in the establishment of Afrocentric scholarship that many people are today referring to him as the father of Afrocentrism.

In any case Afrocentrism immediately became popular as it was a formidable rejection and opposition to the baseless and overly racist Eurocentric scholarship that have came to over-perfuse Western scholarship in those days.

African scholars and researchers, and even the Black people in generally, came to find a voice in Afrocentrism which was used by African writers to refute the baseless claims and pretensions of the racist and Eurocentric scholarship that had unduly portrayed the Black race and Africa n very negative lights just for the purpose of exploiting the Black man during the Slave Trade era.

But then, and even after the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade era, Afrocentric scholarship did not stop as it became a very useful scholarly implement and literary tool in disproving Eurocentrism and racism and in promoting a positive image of the Black race and Africa to the rest of the world.

Also, and later on, Afrocentric scholarship suddenly expanded and grew into a gargantuan field of scholarship when it became the paramount philosophy used to challenge and battle the legitimacy of European colonialism and imperialism with which the European Great Powers have come to vampirishly subjugated the world.

As the main intellectual and scholarly weapon used to battle imperialism, Afrocentrism became a popular and more refined field of scholarship that even Western scholars began to take serious.

In any case Afrocentrism successfully defeated colonialism and imperialism as European colonialism came crumbling down in the aftermath of the Two World Wars when African and other colonial nations throughout the Third World began to gain their independences form the European Great Powers.

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Afrocentrism actually came to refute the baseless and racist claims of Eurocentric scholarship that have all along seen nothing good or positive about the Black people in particular and Africa in general.

Eurocentric scholarship, for instance, had insisted that culture and civilization began in the Fertile Crescent and then was later on given a boost by the Greek and Macedonian cultures on the Aegean – both the Fertile Crescent and the Greek-Macedonia areas being outside the African continent.

But Afrocentrism rejected this baseless claim of Western scholarship to the effect that human culture and civilization began in the Fertile Crescent. Afrocentrism came and instead demonstrated the fact that the ancient Egyptian civilization in Africa was far superior to and was actually the one that gave birth to the cultures and civilizations of the Fertile Crescent and any putative culture or civilization of the Greeks and Macedonians.

The White racists then used their Eurocentric scholarship to wickedly argue that the ancient Egyptian civilization was established by White people from the Fertile Crescent and the Asia Minor general area.

But Afrocentric scholars disproved Eurocentric scholarship by consummately demonstrating the fact that the ancient Egyptian civilization was completely and totally a Black, African Negro phenomenon. The ancient Egyptian civilization was not founded or established by any fictitious White people called the Hittites coming from outside the African continent. The ancient Egyptian civilization was founded and established by Black African Negroes coming from West Africa in general and ancient Nigeria in particular.

People like the indefatigable Cheikh Anta Diop actually used rigorously scientific methodologies and empirical experiments to conclusively prove to the world that the ancient Egyptians were Black African Negroes.

In any case Afrocentric scholarship is growing and is on the rise and there is no doubt at all that it is soon going to conquer the world and become the next world manifesto as Africa rise to retake its opposition as the leader of the world as it once was in the remote past.

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