Mosque Number Seven: Malcolm X Talks – by Ndagi Abdullahi

One of the greatest African American figures ever in the entire history of Black America is Malcolm X otherwise known as Alhaji Malik Ash-Shabbaz and originally known as Malcolm Little. Malcolm X is such an interesting and famous personality because of his very controversial and tumultuous life. His whole life was one controversial story to another. But his personality remained a very vigorous and agile but rebellious one.

Malcolm X is definitely one of a kind. Hardly do we see another African American in recent times who have had a serious and lasting impact on the course of the struggle for the liberation of the Black man as much has Malcolm X has done. And this is despite the fact that he is not accorded the official and formal recognition by the government and other constituted authorities the way his counterparts like Martin Luther King Jnr., are accorded today. As a matter of fact the American establishment is out to write Malcolm X out as a non entity but it is Malcolm X’s enduring popularity among the ordinary peoples at the grassroots level that have sustained his popularity and fame to this very day.

Malcolm X came was born into and came and met a very racist American society utterly intolerant to the unfortunate condition of the Black American. And it is in this unfortunate circumstances that Malcolm X lived his life and, later on in life, came to challenge the entire American racist establishment.

Malcolm X’s contribution to the liberation of the African American in particular and the Black race in Africa and all other parts of the world in general is something that cannot be overemphasized because it is so consummate and so effective.

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Malcolm X’s contribution to the liberation of the African American and the Black race in general spans the fields of the philosophical, political, religious, cultural, and so on and on.

For one Malcolm X was quite influential in elaborating a new form of Afrocentric philosophy that was unashamedly, and in fact avowedly, aggressive and even racist atimes. With his kind of Afrocentrism Malcolm X completely and totally rejected everything and anything that portrays the White man in a positive light or portrays the Black man in a negative light.

Malcolm X was the philosopher-priest of the Black Muslim movement of Elijah movement. As a matter of fact Malcolm X is indeed the philosopher behind the race-relation ideology of the Black Muslim movement.

Although with no any formal academic training or certificate from any university of educational institute, Malcolm came out of prison after having read every day for at least ten hours for nearly ten years thus becoming very learned and very well informed regarding scholarly and intellectual matters. With this extraordinary raportoire of knowledge he rapidly rose along the leadership hierarchy of the Black Muslim movement to become more or less the de facto number two man in the movement.

Being far well learned above the average Black man in America, Malcolm X was able to work out a counter-racist, or reverse-racist, philosophy for the Black Americans whereby the Blacks now use scholarship or literary knowledge to debunk conventional Western scholarship’s racist claims and to turn the tide against the White man by demonstrating that the Black man is in fact racially superior to the White man.

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Before the emergence of Malcolm X most Black scholars and researchers write in an apologetic manner by trying to defend the Black race against the racist attacks of Western scholarship and racist White people. But it was Malcolm X who came and by and large popularize the aggressive form of Afrocentric scholarship whereby the Black man becomes more or less the racist who attacks the White man by demonstrating the Black man is racially superior to the White man.

That is the leading legacy for which Malcolm X will be remembered, namely, that instead of being on the defensive he went offensive against the White man’s racism thereby reversing the racist trend and putting the White man on the defensive.

Malcolm X foremostly pointed out that the entire history of the world need to be rewritten from an Afrocentric vantage because the White man has come over and effaced the true history of the world and replaced it with a Eurovcentric and racist world history that was concocted by racist European writers in the medieval period and the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade era.

Malcolm X was the first true racist attack by the Black man on the White man. And that was why he became the target of the White racist establishment of the USA which immediately decided that he should be eliminated. It is not surprising therefore that Malcolm X was afterwards murdered in cold blood. He was dubbed ‘The most dangerous Black man in America’ and was earmarked for immediate elimination.

But killing Malcolm X did not and cannot stop the geometric expansion, growth and spread of the unstoppable ideology and philosophy he has initiated. Of course most people will reject the racist aspect of Malcolm X’s Afrocentric philosophy, but aside from that racism everything Malcolm X said about the White man was by and large very true. And it should be noted that when Malcolm X left the phony Islam of Elijah Muhammad’s Black Muslim movement and converted to true Islam he, Malcolm X, rejected his earlier racist ranting against the White people since Islam categorically and vehemently preach against racism.

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In any case Malcolm X taught the Black man and the world in general a new way of living against the racism of the White man; Malcolm X showed the Black man the way to aggressively liberate himself from the racism of the White man.

It is quite unfortunate that Malcolm X was killed in the prime of his life at a time that he had so much to offer both the Black man and the White man. His violent death in the hands of his enemies has actually turned him into an eternal hero just the same way that Che Guevera’s similarly violent death in the hands of his enemies has also transformed the latter into an eternal hero.

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