Superpower Nigeria: Why Nigeria Will Rule the World – by Ndagi Abdullahi

The story of Nigeria today is an unenviably bleak one. There is nothing really good or interesting to write home about as far as the average Nigerian and the generality of other people all over the world are concerned.

Nigerians and the rest of the world are sick and tired of the negative and bad stories that are always associated with Nigeria. It is as if there never anything good happening in Nigeria. The stories that are always coming out of Nigeria are the stories of high corruption, advanced criminality, endless violence and all manners of bad and hideous stories.

So many Nigerians, especially the youth, are gradually coming to the conclusion that Nigeria is heading towards the position of a failed state and that the prediction of the CIA to the effect that Nigeria going to become a failed state will become a reality in the year 2015.

In fact it will be difficult to convince the average Nigerian today that there is anything good about the state of affairs in Nigeria today or that there is any good or bright future in store for Nigeria or that Nigeria s not going to become a failed state in the very near future.

But then the truth of the matter is that things are not really as bad for Nigeria as most of us Nigerians are thinking or, actually, presuming today. A critical and objective analysis of the Nigerian phenomenon will show that Nigerians are just being carried away by the endless and excessive crises that Nigeria is presently going through while the rest of the world doesn’t really care much about whatever is happening in or will happen to Nigeria.

What we are trying to say above is that the many negative things happening in Nigeria today are so disheartening to the average Nigeria n that he is naturally left with no option than to go with the general, but wrong, public opinion that Nigeria is doomed. With no any objective or empirical fact whatever the average Nigerian is so disappointed with the state of affairs in Nigeria that he only finds solace in the presumption that the failure of Nigeria is at hand.

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And the outside world, with no any patriotic zeal whatsoever for Nigeria, have no problem accepting that Nigeria is a dead end seeing all the negative media coverage from the power media houses of the West on Nigeria.

But then what we are further saying is that the average Nigerian and the rest of the world need to reconsider their views on Nigeria if not for any other reason but for the fact that their views on Nigeria are based more on sentimental and emotional factors than on the reality and truth behind the negative happenings in Nigeria. The problem with all those people seeing only the negative side of the affairs of Nigeria is that they have failed to look also at the positive state of affairs in Nigeria.

We are not denying the fact that so many things are wrong with Nigeria and so many other things are also going wrong with Nigeria. Anybody who said there is nothing wrong with Nigeria is only deceiving himself. And, in fact, no sane person will ever say there is nothing wrong with Nigeria considering the way and manner things are happening and going on in Nigeria today. So, we are not saying nothing is wrong with Nigeria.

But though we agree with all and sundry else that many things are wrong with Nigeria, the reason why we are different is that we are also saying that so many more things are good and okay with Nigeria. We are saying that Nigerians and non-Nigerians in all other parts of the world alike should not only focus their attention on the negative side of Nigeria but that they should also look at the positive side of Nigeria.

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Many things are wrong with Nigeria, but many more things are okay with Nigeria. Many things are bad about Nigeria but many more things are good about Nigeria. That is the dictum that most Nigerians and people outside Nigeria have failed to realize.

Nigerians need to cultivate the habit of also looking at the good side of Nigeria instead of just focusing on the negative side alone.

If we take look at the good side of Nigeria we will see that Nigeria is not a cursed country, is not a doomed nation and is not going to become a failed state.

One of the most glaring positive thing about Nigeria is, of course, the human resources of Nigeria. The entire world is aware of the fact that Nigeria is the most populous country in the whole of Africa. And the population of Nigeria is a youthful, vibrant and very resourceful one. The population of Nigeria is not like the aging and passive populations of Europe. This simply means that a very bright future awaits Nigeria in the very near future.

The Nigerian population is also relatively well-educated and very informed.

The labour force of Nigeria is a formidable one for the very fact that it is young, vibrant and educated.

Apart from the human resources of Nigeria there is also the natural resources for which Nigeria has been so famous since colonial times. The natural resources of Nigeria are endless and in abundant amounts.

Petroleum, for which Nigeria is renowned internationally, is not the only natural resource of Nigeria. Nigeria is blessed with so many other natural resources that if only Nigeria will focus on them also they will be of great benefit and use to the economic development of Nigeria.

Also the economy of Nigeria is not really doing as bad as we are all assuming. The first thing we should note in this regard is the fact that the GDP of the Nigerian economy is growing at a rate incomparably far higher than those of the developed First World countries of Europe and North America. For instance while the economy of Nigeria is growing at an average GDP of 5.4 that of the USA is growing at an average rate of 0.8.

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There is no doubt that the economy of Nigeria will keep on growing and that Nigeria is soon going to become an economic superpower on the international scene.

Parenthetically we should also mark the fact that this economic growth is not peculiar to Nigeria alone but to almost all the countries of Africa. As a matter of fact the fastest growing economies in the entire world since the year 2005 have always been one African country or the other. Africa is on a path of economic rise and Africa going to become the economic headquarters of the world in the future.

In any case Nigeria is headed for economic supremacy of the world. The economy of Nigeria will keep on growing and improving until Nigeria becomes a world economic superpower in the future.

But it is not only in economic terms that the future of Nigeria is so bright. There are historical factors that are now propelling Nigeria unto a future world supremacy. The Third World is on the rise and the First World is on the decline. The West is falling and nothing or nobody can stop that, it is a historical necessity that nations and civilizations rise and fall. The West is now falling after haven risen in the past. And it is now the turn of the South, or the Third World, to rise. The Third World is on the rise; Africa is on the rise; and Nigeria is on the rise.

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