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The Bones of Orestes: The Last of the Giants: Details on the Race of the Giants – by Ndagi Abdullahi

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The Bones of Orestes: The Last of the Giants: Details on the Race of the Giants
by Ndagi Abdullahi

Western Scholarship and the Giants
Many people today are of the view that giants don’t and never existed in reality. And as far as modern Western Scholarship is concerned the only place where giants ever existed was in the silly and unverifiable world mythologies of stupid and primitive tribes in the backwoods of the civilised world.
The general conception today is that there never was a race of giants in the history or even the prehistory of humanity. We are made to understand, instead, that the idea or belief in the existence of the giants is a superstitious belief held only by primitive tribes and ethnicities stooped in barbarism and primitivism.

We are made to see that the socioculturally sophisticated and socially advanced modern man of civilisation and culture is not supposed to deign to reduce himself to a superstitious belief in the existence of giants.

Giants Exist
The truth, however, and despite the arrant stupidity of Western scholarship, is that giants have truly existed in the past annals of humanity.

But Western scholarship have tried all it could at covering up all the evidence and documentary proofs to the effect that giants have once upon a time being historical realities on the very face of this planet earth.

As a matter of fact, and if the Smithsonian conspiracy of Western scholarship is to be put aside, look even modern Western science have indubitably documented the existence of the giants in the prehistory of humanity.

Protoprehistoric, prehistoric and even historic documents abound testifying to the existence of giants among the human race.

Giants have always been part and parcel of the human race in the ancient history and prehistory of humanity. All the ancient documents of humanity – oral and literary alike – have irrefutably demonstrated and documented the existence of giants among the human race at various times in the annals of humanity.

In all parts of the world archaeological and otherwise scientific evidences also abound testifying to the once upon a time age of the giants. Once upon time human beings of gigantic statures and gigantic physiology lived and walked upon the face of this very planet earth. And they were human beings – but they were greater than us, modern mankind or the Homo sapiens, in everything.

The Giants
Those ancient giant human beings were gigantic in everything compared to the modern human beings or the Homo sapiens of today. In their physiological, biological, mental, pyschic, metaphysical, spiritual and otherwise make-ups these ancient giants were gigantic and far greater in comparison to modern mankind or today’s Homo sapiens.

The giants, being greater than modern mankind in everything, were also in possession of sciences and knwoledges, both material and spiritual, that were way advanced above the knowledge, sciences and technologies of modern mankind. The giants were in possession of gigantic knowledges, sciences and technologies.

That was why the giants built gigantic civilidations – civilisations that were so great and so advanced in knowledge, science and technology that the giants became known and worshipped as the gods. The giants became known, revered and worshipped as the gods for the simple fact that their knowledges, sciences, technologies and civilisations were too advanced and too great, and therefore appeared superhuman and godly, to the relatively degenerated or devolved Homo sapiens or modern humanity.
It is not a coincidence or an incongruence that all cultures and traditions from all parts of the world speak of a Golden Age of the gods when giants with gigantic knowledges, sciences, technologoes and supremely advanced civilisations ruled the world. These traditions about the giants abound from all parts of the world for the simple reason that there was really, and once upon a time, a Golden Age of the giants.

As a matter of fact it is quite clear that giants have always been part and parcel of the human race right from the beginning of humanity until modern times. It was only in relatively recent times in the annals of humanity, say beginning some five thousand years ago, that the giants begun to demographically wither and eventually disappeared out of the general population of the human race.

Before then, and a billion years back into prehistory and protoprehistory, the giants have always formed an integral, and atimes majority, part of the population of the human race.

What is gradually becoming clearer to researchers today is that the giants actually formed and constituted the beginning of humanity. The evidences are now fast accumulating to the effect that humanity actually began as a race of giants; in other words it is now becoming obvious to research workers that the first human beings were giants.

Evolutionist Cover-up
Yes extensive and documentary evidence exist to the effect that the first human beings were giants. That the Adam of the scriptures, that is the first human being, was actually a giant.

But the evolutionists, that is the promoters of the Theory of Evolution, don’t the world to know that the first human beings were giants. One reason why modern Western scholarship is so passionately opposed to a belief in the existence of giants in the past of humanity is due to the fact the existence of giants in the past of humanity is a damning evidence against the Theory of Evolution and its general school of thought of evolutionism that have completely and totally overwhelmed everything about modern Western scholarship.

The reason is that if the first human beings were giants and modern mankind is not a giant, then the obvious implication will be that humanity have actually devolved, and not evolved, over the ages and eaons. That humanity have actually devolved and not evolved will strike at the very root of the Theory of Evolution. To accept that the first human beings were giants will have been one of the greatest deathblows to the fallacious claims of the evolutionists.

That is why the evolutionists have used every means at their disposal to suppress the scientific and otherwise evidences that abound in documentary of the fact that the past of the human race was dominated by the existence of the giants.

The evolutionists have pushed for the demotion and relegation of ancient knowledge and traditions to the position of baseless and useless tales. Ancient scientific and traditional knowledge, which are in most cases more exact than modern scientific and general Western scholarship knowledge, have been mischievously and deliberately labeled as spurious and inexact knowledge by paid and crack scientists and scholars whose main aim and goals are ensure that nobody benefit from the great and science and wisdom that the traditional knowledge of the ancient in all parts of the Third World have to offer humanity.

Ancient Documentaries
Ancient knowledge and traditions abound with documentary and empirical evidences in testament of the fact that the giants, once upon a time, existed in overwhelming numbers on this very planet earth.

The Islamic traditions are full of categorical references to the existence of the giants in the past of humanity. The Qur’an mentioned human giants in quite a number of verses spanning from the beginning to the end of the Qur’an.

The Qur’an categorically mentioned the Nation of Ad to be a race of giants.

The Prophet Muhammad categorically described Prophet Adam, the first human being, to have been a giant. Prophet Muhammad even stated the exact height of Prophet Adam to hve been sixty cubits. This sixty cubits will be some 27.4 meters or 90 feet thereby making Prophet Adam some five to seven times taller than modern Homo sapiens humanity.

The Prophet Muhammad maintained that the true and original height of the human race is the sixty cubit or 27.4 meters or 90 feet of Prophet Adam the first human being and that all human beings who will enter Al Janna will revert to that height before they are admitted into Al Janna.

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The Bible, both in Old and New Testament traditions, also made categorical mention and references to the giant human beings.

Right at the beginning of the Bible, as early as the first four verses of Genesis 6, we see the Bible narrating, in very categorical narratives, the story of the Nephilims who were a race of giant humans who resulted from the miscegenation of the Angels and the Human beings.

Both the Bible and Qur’an also a consensus manner narrated the story of Goliath or Jaluta who was a giant and was of the Gath tribe of the Philistines.

The Hindu scriptures are also alive with a sea of categorical narratives regarding the existence of giants among the human race former times.

The Hindu scriptures sort of differentiated between an evil race of giants called the Daityas and a good race of giants or gods called the Devas. Both the daityas and the Devas are, however, giants. Their paterfamilias father, the sage Kashyapa, is of course a giant.

It was Kashyapa’s evil wife, Diti, who gave birth to the evil giants called the Daityas.

Kashyapa’s good and first wife, Aditi, was the mother of the good giants, the gods called the Devas.
The point here is that the Hindu scriptures actually made both the Daityas and the Devas gods and giants. All the children of the sage Kashyapa were giants and were gods at the same time. And this is a theme, in almost all topics dealing with the giants, that we shall recurringly run into as regards the giants.

The giants were, from all indications, one and the same as the gods. In other words the gods were always the giants and the giants were always the gods in the past of humanity. The original idea was that the gods were giants or that the giants were gods. The idea that the giants can be evil, malevolent or bad is obviously a latter addition almost all the traditions about the giants in all parts of the world.

As we shall discuss in exhaustive details in a later section of this book it is clear that in the beginning all the giants were good and were gods and it was only in later times that some giants became degenerates and became evil or malevolent or bad. And it was consequent upon the degeneration of the races of the giants that the idea of the bad or malevolent giants later in came into the collective consciousness of the giants as we see is rampant today long after the demise of most of the races of the giants from the face of this planet earth.

Ancient English folklore are unmistaken about the existence of giants in the past of the English isles. As a matter of fact the general belief among the ancient English people was that the first inhabitants of Britain were the giants and that it was only later on in time that modern Homo sapiens humanity appeared and came to replace the giants of Britain.

It was generally agreed by ancient English traditions that in the beginning the

Greek Mythology and Greek traditions are also replete with endless references to the giants.

The first Europeans to arrive the Americas reported and documented various cases of the sighting and interactions with giant human beings. All over the Americas were reported the sighting and interaction with various races and types of giants most especially the blond-haired, pale-skinned variant. And these were in recent historical times.

Ancient African traditions are also replete with endless references to the existence of the giants in former times.

Ancient Egyptian
Ancient Egyptian mythology told us of various Black African Negro giants, known and worshipped as the gods by the ancient Egyptians, paramount among were Thoth, Amen-Ra, and so on and on.

Ancient Egyptian Mythology actually took the existence of the giants for granted for the simple fact that the Egyptian Mythology based its narratives on empirically documented sources now lost to modern mankind.

As far as the ancient Egyptians were concerned, and on the authority of the ancient Egyptian Mythology, the giants existed for real in the past of humanity. So great were these giants in everything – in their physiologic stature, their sciences, their wisdom, and so on – that the ancient Egyptians worshippped them as the gods.

Ancient Nubians
Ancient Nubian traditions also abound with innumerable references to the giants.

West Africa
The stories of the giants also abound in the traditions of all the ethnic tribes and peoples of ancient West Africa.

And almost all the tribal peoples of ancient Nigeria have traditions and folklores categorically telling the stories of the giants.

The people of Kano told the story of their eponymous founder as being a Black African Negro giant called Garagaje. This Garagaje was said to be such a hulking giant that he catches and slaughters elephants and lions with his bare hands everyday for his daily dinner!

This Garagaje was actually a Nupe man and in those days Gara, from which the name Garagaje is derived, was the national name of the Nupe people who were, in the beginning, a race of Black African Negro giants. That KinNupe, here, was the initial homeland of the Black African Negro giants, is a topic that we shall discuss in greater details later in this very write-up.

Ancient Maiduguri and Borno traditions also talked of a race if giants known as the So or Sa. As Sir H.R. Palmer documented, however, these Sa or So giants originally came from KinNpe before they spread to other parts of ancient Nigeria including the Maiduguri-Borno area where traditions about them have survived right unto modern times.

A strong reason why the ancient traditions of the Sa or So giants have survived among the Borno people is the fact that the graves and skeletal remains of Black African Negroes continued to be exhumed right unto the time of the advent of the colonial historians and researchers. As a matter of fact colonial anthropologists did exhumed a number of these gigantic skeletons of the Sa or So giants.

The Igala traditions hinted that, Adashu, the founder of the Igala kingdom was a giant or so. Similarly the Igala traditions, and the traditions of almost all other ancient Nigerian peoples, maintain that when great people die their spirits relocate to join the ancestral shades who are giants by stature. In other words the ancient Nigerian traditions are that people become giants when they die – they join our ancestors to become giants.

Giant Ancestral Shades In Ancient Nigeria
That people who die become giants to join the ancestral world of the giants is a common traditional belief rampant among the tribal peoples of ancient Nigeria.

This belief in the existence of giant ancestral shades is of course derived from the fact that in the past the ancient peoples of ancient Nigeria were giants. At one time or the other the population of ancient Nigeria was definitely dominated by a stock of giants. And this was what led to the rampant survival of traditions regarding the existence of giant ancestors in the traditions of almost all ancient Nigerian tribes and ethnicities.

As a matter of fact the there was actually an original stock of a race of giants that initiallly seeded almost all the latter ethnicities and tribes that populated Nigeria today.

Among these ancient and original stock of giants were the racve of people known to us today as the Kororofa or Nupekoro or, simply as, Nupeko.

Kororofa Giants
The fact is that the Kororofa or Nupeko were not actually a pure race of giants but they were a conglomeration and amalgamation of more ancient stocks many of whom were clearly and evidently giants.

Among the earlier and more ancient stock of ancient people that went into the formation of the Kororofa were the Koro or Gara peoples. But many ancient sources and folklorish traditions related that the Koro or the Gara were a race of giants at least at the beginning. The Kano traditions mentioned Garagaje who was a giant of a hunter. The Katsina traditions mentioned Korau who was a giant of a wrestler. And the Hausa Bakwai traditions mentioned Bayajida, the giant serpent-slayer. Andf so on and on.

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In any case almost all the peoples of Nigeria to day traces their origins to the ancient Kororofa or Nupeko people who were at one time or the other considered to be a race of giants.

An overwhelming majority of the people of Nigeria today – the Ibos, the Yorubas, the Hausas, the Nupes, the Igala, the Tiv, and so on and on – were originally descended from the more ancient Nigerian mother ethnicity called the Kororofa. The Kororofa dominated the pre-Colonial history of Nigeria. But the Kororofa shattered into daughter ethnicities and tribes on the eve of the advent of the White man and his colonial government.

Almost all the ancient ethnicities and tribes of ancient Nigeria originated from the very ancient Nigerian people known as the Kororofa. But the Kororofa were known to have been a race of Black African Negro giants.

The Kororofa were known by a variety of names across the lenght and breadth of ancient Nigeria. They were variously known as the Gwarimpa, Karifi, Paikoro, Nupeko, etc, etc.

Many sources referred to the Kororofa as a race of giants or, at least, as a nation of people with a highly advanced, that is gigantic, culture.

Whatever the case might have been the fact is that a giant race actually seeded the stock of the Kororofa nation. And this giant stock of the Kororofa seemed to have dominated the Kororofa race at least at the beginning of the Kororofa Nation.

What seemed to have been the case is that there was a nation or an entire race of giants that went into the formation of the Kororofa United Nation.

Kororofa was an amalgamation of ancient Nigerian races, ethnicities and tribes all merged into a boiling pot that became known as the United Kingdom of Kororofa.

It seems that a race of giants went into the formation of the United Nation of Kororofa and, moreover, that this giant race dominated the Kororofa United Nation at least at the beginning. The fact is that the Kororofa people eventually became people of ordinary or average height. But at the beginning the Kororofa Nation was dominated by a stock of giants.

The Kororofa Nation was founded at a time when the original giant population of ancient Nigeria was already dying out. The giants were all over the Nigerian Middle Belt and even beyond when Tsoede came and merge the ethnicities and tribes of the Nigerian Middle belt into the United Nation of Kororofa. And the giants formed a formidable section of the original population of Kororofa. That is why almost all the ancient traditions regarding the Kororofa mention them as a nation of giants.

The interesting thing about the Kororofa is that they were variously reported to have been a race of fierce looking Black African Negro giants or a mixture of very tall and average-height Black African Negroes.

The history of the Kororofa is the history of a the tail-end of a prehistoric era when a race of Black African Negro giants dominated the past of ancient Nigeria. And the Kororofa originated from here, Central KinNupe. We shall discuss this in exhaustive details in a latter section of this present write-up.

Giant Gods of Africa
And in fact the existence of the giants in ancient Africa is also corroborated from outside sources. Ancient Greek Mythology, for instance, maintained that the ancient Africans were a race of Black African Negro giants. In fact Greek Mythology categorically narrated that the ancient Black Negro African giants were not only gigantic in stature and physiology but were also gigantic in the material and spiritual sciences and their respective technologies. That was why ancient Greek Mythology regarded the ancient Black African Negro giants as the gods. The entire Greek pantheon of gods, headed by Zeus, were Black African Negro giants who, according to Greek Mythology, lived in the very heart of Black Negro Africa here in ancient Central Nigeria and specifically in the very place we refer to as KinNupe today.

That KinNupe was the Garden of the Hesperedes, or the Garden of Eden, to the ancient Greeks is a topic that we shall come to discuss in greater details in a latter section of this write-up. For now suffice it to say that even external or outside sources documented the fact that Africa was, in ancient times, populated by races of Black African Negro giants.

Hanno’s Voyage
Hanno the Carthaginian sailor marshaled an entire fleet of thousands upon thousands of sailor from the Mediterranean and sailed with them right across the west coast of the African continent down to the Niger Delta all in search of the legendary rave of giant gods who live in the interior of West Africa particularly in the Central Sudan and specifically on the banks of the River Niger right here in Central KinNupe.

Hanno did came into contact with and did caught a giant being, whom they referred to as the Gorilla, but the giant they caught and skinned looked more like a beast than a god to the Carthaginians.

In any case the truth of the matter is that the Carthaginians led by Hanno could have left North Africa in such large numbers and risked such an hazardous journey if they were not coming to look for something that was of supreme importance to the Carthaginians. The Carthaginians came looking for a race of giants and that is why they did caught and flayed one – though a beastly giant at that.

The Carthaginians didn’t catch and flayed gorilla as the world is being wrongly informed today. Hanno and his fleet of Carthaginians caught and flayed a real human being, albeit a giant.

In those days the Niger Delta, and the rest of the Central Sudan, was still populated by a significant population of giants most of whom have began to degenerate into a state of primitivism and bestiality by then.

It was one of these primitive giants of ancient Nigeria that Hanno and his fleet of Carthaginians caught and flayed. In those days the people of ancient Nigeria were variously known as the Jara, Jarara or Jarala which was national name the Carthaginians wrongly pronounced as Gorilae or, as we pronounce it today, Gorilla.

KinNupe Garden of Eden
Gorilla, Jarala, Jarara or Jara were all ancient derivations of the even more ancient national name Jara or Jana which was a pristine name of the River Niger. It was the River Niger that was originally known as the Jana or, in its mirror-image form, Naja.
It is this Naja that we still see as the ‘naja’ in ‘Sanaja’ or ‘Senaja’ which is Latinised as ‘Senegal’ today.
But more importantly is the fact that it is the ancient name, Naja, for the River Niger that the White man Latinised as ‘Niger’ today.

We should also note, in parenthesis and at this juncture, that the Arabic word ‘Al-Janna’ is also a derivative of this ancient name, Jana, for the River Niger. The entire ancient world, in former times, looked up to the general River Niger area, and particularly here Central KinNupe, as the Paradise or Garden of Eden abode of the gods or the giants.

As a matter of fact, and in the minds of the ancients, there was no distinction between the giants and the gods; a god was necessarily a giant and a giant was inevitably a god. It was only in latter times that the idea of degenerated giants, or beastly giants, came about.

In those ancient times the entire world knew and believed that the general River Niger area, known as the Naja or Jana or Al-Janna, was the abode of the giant gods.

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In any case the River Niger as has been known as Naja since the beginning of time and it is this Naja that was also variantly known as the Jana or Jara or Jarara or Jarala whuich became the national name of peoples of ancient Nigeria and which became Latinised as Gorilla in latter times.

It was the ancient giant peoples of ancient Nigeria that were known as the Gorilla.

Return of the Giants
And there are indubitable indications that the giants will return. That the Golden Age of the giants will resume is something that is so certain to the ancients that all, yes all, ancient traditions and scriptures are unanimously replete with references to the eschatological coming, or millenarian return, of the Age of the Giants.

Islamic Evidence
The Qur’an and the Prophetic traditions of the Hadiths repeatedly talk about the establishment, that is the return, of the Hour of As-Sa’a or the Age of the Giants.

The Hadith traditions made it clear that with the establishment of the Hour or As-Sa’a will be ushered in the return of the Golden Age of the Utopia or that paradisiacal dispensation when human perfection will be resumed and human beings will become gods or giants again.

The Prophet Muhammad specifically narrated that Prophet Jesus, or Isa the As-Sa’a the Man of the Hour, will through his Second Coming and with the assistance of the Mahdi come to slay Dajjal or the AntiChrist in order to usher in the Golden Age of As-Sa’a or the age of the human perfection of the giants. The Islamic traditional Hour or As-Sa’a is the coming or resuming Age of the Giants.

Beginning of the Giants
The question might be asked as to what, or even why, was the origin of the giants?

To answer this question we will have to go a long time back into the very beginning of humanity and even the beginning of this very planet earth.

The story of the giants will have to start with the fact that in the beginning this very planet earth was actually orbiting a different orbit from the orbit it is orbiting today.

In the beginning this planet earth was actually orbiting an orbit closer to the sun than it is today. In the beginning this planet earth was actually orbiting roughly the same orbit that the planet Mars is orbiting today as the third closest planet from the sun.

Being close to the sun in those days the climate of the planet was far more and uniformly tropical in those days. There were not the temperate climes that we see on the planet earth today. It was a uniformly tropical climate, the sort that you see on the Equator today, that covers the planet from pole to pole.

In those days the planet earth had not the hazardous weathers of winter, harmattan, blitzkreiging snow, and so on and on. It was a warm, tropical weather and climate everywhere you go on the planet earth.
The temperate climes that we have on the northern and southern hemispheres of this planet earth today are unnaturally alien to this planet. In the beginning this planet have nothing like the dehumanizing temperate climes that pesters humanity towards the poles these days.

There is so much danger and inhumanity associated with the temperate climates that we see in the northern and southern hemispheres today. Iceland and Greenland are virtually uninhabitable and even the peoples of North America and Europe are barely eking out difficult and devastating lives and cultures against the debilitating environmental hazards of living in a temperate climate.

If the nations of North America, Europe and North Asia-Siberia have their ways they would have completely done away with the temperate climate that is doing them so much harm and decelerating the progress of Western civilisation in all its ramifications.
In the beginning there was nothing like this inhuman and debilitating temperate climate that is now holding the development of human culture and the development of human civilisation to hostage.

In the beginning there was only a tropical climate in all parts of this planet earth. And the north and south poles where perfectly inhabitable. In fact there flourished, in those days, an almighty civilisation on the very place where we have the Icelandic and Greenland wastelands of the glaciers today. That was in those days when this planet earth was much more closer to the sun and orbiting roughly the same orbit that the planet Mars orbits today.

The question that begs for answer at this juncture is: what was it that brought about a change in the climatic make-up of this planet?

The answer is a very simple and direct one, namely, that at a time this planet earth suddenly changed its orbit from its being formerly the fourth planet from the sun to its being the sixth planet from the sun today.

Now then, why that sudden change of orbit?
The answer, again, is a simple and straightforward one: a veering heavenly body came and collided with the planet earth with such a powerfully momentous impact that simply pushed the planet earth out of its former orbit unto its new and present orbit.

A gigantic ball of ice and snow, as big as small planet, that is almost the present size of the planet Mars itself, veered into the Solar System and collided with this planet earth in those days when this planet was orbiting an orbit much closer to the Sun. The impact of the collision not only pushed this planet into a new orbit further away from the Sun bit actually shattered the massive ball of ice and snow itself into a smithereens of an asteroid belt. Moreover a major remain of this ice-snow body became scattered as a heavy coat of atmospheric dust over the whole of this planet. In other words this planet suddenly became coated with a new atmosphere of snow and ice uniformly from pole to pole.

Ice or snow was unknown to this planet Earth and also to life on this planet. The sudden appearance of ice and snow on this planet was therefore a complete disaster and havoc to everything on and about this planet Earth.

For a start the incidence of ice and snow on the surface of this planet Earth, upon the sudden collision and instantaneous impact of the ice-snow planet with this planet Earth, was so sudden and so instantaneous that it instantaneously wiped out life and activity in virtually every place it enveloped in just a matter of minutes and, atimes, in just seconds.

Entire cultures, civilisations and geophysical phenomena were wiped out on marginal and infinitesimal moments on the temporal scale. Almighty civilisations and cultures in all parts of the globe met instantaneous death and extinction as glacial slabs of ice-snows, several miles in thickness, suddenly descended on and enveloped almost every surface and part of this very planet Earth in a matter of hours, minutes and even seconds. Some mammoths have been exhumed intact with fresh grass still held in their mouths as they were instantaneously frozen to death and glacial preservation in matter of seconds before their bodies could be exposed to the decomposing effects of biological degradation consequent upon death.

This was a sudden

The sudden and instantaneous collision of the ice-snow planet with the planet Earth practically brought everything about this planet to a standstill. This was equal to an instantaneous death of this planet Earth. Life as it used to be on this planet ceased to be. The entire world was changed into a new and different type. Among many of these endless new changes was the initiation of the gradual disappearance of the giants from the face of this planet earth.

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