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The Serpent Race – by Ndagi Abdullahi

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The Serpent Race
by Ndagi Abdullahi

Once upon a time there lived on this planet a race of spirit beings with serpent physiognomies. These race or species of spirits had faces that looked like that of snakes and they had scaly skins like that of snakes. These serpentine beings have so many other snaky or reptilian features including slit eyes, fiery tongues, web fingers and toes, and so on and on.

Contrary to evolutionist presumptions, however, these spirit beings with recessive reptilian genes are not biologically inferior or under-evolved sub-humans. They are actually a very advanced species of humanoids. They were most especially far superior to modern Homo sapiens human beings in terms of spiritual advancement.

Spirits Incarnated in Human Reptile Forms
These serpentine humanoids were spiritually far advanced above Homo sapiens human beings for the simple fact that the serpent humanoids were spiritually conscious selves incarnated in biological corporeal bodies. In contrast the Homo sapiens human beings are spiritually subconscious spirits encaged or confined in biological corporeal bodies.

Mark the difference: the serpentine humanoids are fully conscious spirits that deliberately incarnated themselves into biological bodies while the Homo sapiens human beings are subconscious, actually unconscious, spirits trapped or confined, against their wills, into biological bodies.

The serpent humanoids are therefore fully empowered spirits with extraordinary spiritual powers while the Homo sapiens human beings have minimal, if any, spiritual powers. The serpent humanoids are spirits while retaining biological corporeal bodies at the same time.

The Fallen Angels
The serpent humanoids are full spirits on the same level with the other spiritual beings known as the Jinns and the Angels. The truth of the matter is that the serpent humanoids are nothing but those Jinns and Angels that have deliberately incarnated into human bodies.

The serpent beings are the same that were referred to in the scriptures as the fallen angels. They were referred to as such because they refused to remain in the spiritual realm which is where God Almighty naturally put them; instead these fallen angels rebelled against God Almighty by leaving their natural spiritual realm and intentionally incarnating into physical bodies in order for them to partake of the affairs of this third dimension of the corporeal realm.

The Bible allegorically narrated that these rebellious spirits saw the beauty of the daughters of men and came down to the earth to sexually intercourse with the daughters of men. The result of this sexual intercourse between the spirits and human beings, was the emergence of the race of the serpentine giants.

The Sara Shining Giants
The Book of Enoch, narrating the same story of the fallen angels mating with human beings, stated that this led to the emergence of the race of giants known as the Sara. This Sara is the same that was Latinized as Sana, Shana, Shini, Shine or Shining and hence this race of fallen angels were known as the Shining Ones.

Sara was also pronounced as Sarafa. Sarafa is the same word that has been Latinized as Sarapa, Serepe, Serpe or Serpent. It is this Sarafa that was known in the Semitic world as the Seraphim. According to Semitic traditions the Seraphim are a race or class of angels that are very close to the Throne of God or the Arsh but some them of rebelled against God Almighty and became the Fallen Angels headed by Satan otherwise known as Azazil or Iblis. In Christianity, for instance, the Seraph or Seraphim belong to the highest order of angels of all the nine orders of angels close to God Almighty.

In rebellion against God Almighty these Seraphim angels invaded the corporeal realm of this world and incarnated themselves in the form of humanoid reptiles or as humans with serpent features.

The Book of Enoch categorically stated that these Sara giants were unnatural human beings in the sense that they were gigantic and were shining with very bright, inhuman, complexions.

The Book of Enoch narrated that the Sara babies resulting from the intercourse of the fallen angels with the daughters of men were gigantic babies – so gigantic that most of their mothers die in giving birth to the giant babies. But more interesting is the fact that the Book of Enoch categorically narrated that these giant babies had unnaturally bright complexion – they had shiningly bright complexions that made them look even lighter and brighter than our modern albinos. That is why they were known as the Shining Ones.

The Snake Gods
These Sara or Shining Ones babies grew up into a population of the Sara race of giants that once upon a time ruled over ordinary Homo sapiens on this very planet earth. The Sara or Shining Ones or the Serpent people was a race of spiritually advanced beings for the simple fact that, and as we have explained in a previous paragraph above, they were spiritually conscious beings incarnated into biological or corporeal bodies.

Unlike the ordinary Homo sapiens these serpent people – also known as the Sara or the Shining Ones – were fully conscious spiritually and were therefore spiritually far more advanced and powerful than normal Homo sapiens. Accordingly the Serpent people or the Sara people or the Shining Ones were able to control, manipulate and rule over the Homo sapiens. The ordinary human beings or the Homo sapiens became the slaves of the Sara Serpentine Shining Ones.

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As a matter of fact so superior were the Serpentine Sara Shining Ones over the Homo sapiens that the Homo sapiens came to worship the Serpentine Sara Shining Ones as the gods. The Serpent Sara Shining Ones actually manipulated the Homo sapiens into worshipping them. They invented a false religion among the Homo sapiens such that the Homo sapiens have to worship them as the gods. This is, in a sense, similar to the manner in which the Aryanic castes were to later on introduce a Brahmanic religion among the Dravidians to make the Dravidians worship the Aryans as gods.

It is quite logical to see why the Homo sapiens came to worship the Serpent race of the Sara Shining Ones. First the Serpentine Sara Shining Ones were superior to the Homo sapiens in every aspect. They were giants far taller and larger than the Homo sapiens anthropologically, anatomically and physiologically. Then they were also spiritually far more advanced than the Homo sapiens. And even the psychic and psychological faculties of the Serpent Sara Shining Ones were far more developed and advanced than those of the Homo sapiens.

With all these the Homo sapiens began to worship the reptilian serpent race as gods. Such was it that an entire organized religion emerged whereby the Homo sapiens worshipped the Serpentine Sara Shining Ones as gods. That was the origin of the reverence and regard for snakes and reptilians in general that we still see in many traditional cultures and indigenous religions in all parts of the world.

In all parts of the world we see elements of this snake-worshipping culture and religion. The worship of snakes and the reptilian gods was an integral part of the religion of the ancient Egyptians. The ancient Mesoamerican Indians also worshipped reptilian snake gods. The Chinese are still obsessed with the superhuman powers of the dragons which are actually reptilian humanoid gods. And so on and on.

Satan the Sarata
As a matter of fact the Semitic religions categorically narrated in the Bible and the Qur’an the story of these fallen angels that have incarnated as reptilian snake gods and that have manipulated human beings into worshipping them as gods.

According to the Semitic scriptures the leader of these fallen angels was known as Satan. As a matter of fact the very name Satan is derived from Satana or Satara which is simply an anagram of Sarata or Sara-ta which simply means ‘The Sara One’ which is what is Latinized as ‘The Shining One’. Satan is a shining Sara serpent and that is why he is referred to in Biblical scholarship as ‘Lucifer’ or ‘The Angel of Light’.

Both the Qur’an and the Bible told the story of Satan who was said to be a Sara or Seraphim angel very close to the Throne of God Almighty before the creation of Adam the first human being. The human race, in the form of Adam and Eve the prototypic human beings, was created by God Almighty in a state of perfection and placed within a perfect environment known as the Garden of Eden or Paradise. But the fallen angel Satan incarnated as a Serpentine Sara Shining One and appeared to Adam and Eve as a humanoid reptile. This incarnated reptilian snake god known as Satan then manipulated both Adam and Eve into rebelling against God Almighty and into worshipping it Satan the snake god.

Satan is just an archetype of the Sara or Satara or Satana or Satan race of fallen angels who incarnated as reptilian humanoids or snake humans and, using their superior and advanced spiritual and physical capabilities and sciences, succeeded in manipulating human beings into worshipping them as the snake gods or serpentine gods or reptilian gods. But the story of Satan, as told in the Bible and the Qur’an, perfectly encapsulate the story of the fallen angels or the serpentine race.

As the Bible and the Qur’an narrated, these race of Seraphim angels were originally very close to God Almighty. But out of jealousy they rebelled against God Almighty when God created human beings and they, the rebellious Seraphim, were driven out of Heaven and banished to Earth. That was when they became known as the Fallen Angels, that is, they fall from Heaven to Earth.

But these fallen angels incarnated as reptilian humanoids here on Earth and surreptitiously ascended back to Heaven where they beguiled Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden to also rebel against God Almighty by eating of the Forbidden Fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The result was the Second Fall whereby the Human race, in the form of Adam and Eve, were also cast out of Heaven and fallen down to Earth. As fallen humans on Earth the human race became slaves, and even worshippers, to the fallen angels who have earlier on fallen down to this Earth.

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Here on Earth the spiritually and anthropologically superior fallen angels enslaved the human race and made them worship them as the reptilian gods otherwise known as the Sara or the Serpentine Shining Ones.

Incarnation Instability and Mind Control
But the Serpentine Shining Ones have serious problem staying incarnated in physical corporeal bodies for a long time. They are naturally discarnated spiritual beings and their incarnation or assumption of physical bodies is actually unnatural. It is not natural for these spiritual beings to assume physical forms and they therefore become unstable and find it difficult to remain incarnated for a very long time. It is just like the case with human beings who find it extremely difficult to assume spiritual guises in rejection of their natural physical bodies in this corporeal realm. It is the same way that human beings find it difficult to remain in a purely spiritual state for a long period in the metaphysical realm that the fallen angels find it difficult to remain in a purely physical form for a long time in this corporeal realm.

The Serpentine Sara Shining Ones cannot remain incarnated in this physical realm for a long time. But they have full access to the spirits – souls, selves, etc – of their human slaves in the spiritual realm while they incarnated into physical beings whenever they need to act directly on the physical faculties of their human subjects though they cannot remain in this incarnated or physical form for so long.

The higher up the order or hierarchy of being the form they want to incarnate the more difficult it become for the Sara Shining Ones. For instance it is far easier for them to incarnate and assume the physical form of a plant or an animal than for them to assume the form of a human being. As a mater of fact it is because it is so difficult to assume the form of human beings that the Sara Shining Ones are so fond of assuming reptilian forms. And as a matter of fact it is the very powerful ones among the Sara Shining Ones that are able to incarnate and assume the form of human beings.

That the Sara Shining Ones love assuming the form of reptilians is also explained by the reptiles naturally having genetic codes that are so receptive to negative spiritual forces. It is in this regard that we see so many of the Sara Shining ones assuming serpentine forms in particular and reptilian forms in general.

That these fallen angels become unstable when they incarnate and assume physical forms in this corporeal realm makes it very difficult for them to remain physically in this corporeal realm. That is why they have always found it difficult to establish permanent physical communities, physical structures and physical cultures in this corporeal realm in general and on this planet earth in particular.

It is due to their inability to maintain permanent physical presence in this corporeal realm that led to their continuous practice of attacking, enslaving and subjugating the spiritual and metaphysical faculties of beings that have physical aspects and facets in this corporeal realm. The Sara Shining Ones are always in the habit of attacking and possessing the souls of humans, the spirits of animals and plants and the metaphysical elements of physical objects. This way the Sara Shining Ones will use the souls of human beings and the spirits of animals, for instance, to gain access into the affairs of this corporeal realm.

The scriptures talk a lot about how Satan’s major strategy is to take over the spiritual faculties of human beings and thereby manipulate them to do things according to his wish. The Sara Shining Ones otherwise known as the Fallen Angels manipulate human mind by interfering with the thought process of human beings and thereby influencing the thinking and emotions of human beings. The Qur’an categorically stated that the Satans ‘whispers’ into the human mind.

It is at the mind level, that is the spiritual level, that the Sara Shining Ones mostly manipulates human beings and enslave them. Since the Sara Shining Ones find it extremely difficult to remain stable when they themselves incarnate and assume physical forms, they simply take possession of the human spirit and through that use the enslaved human spirit to control the human physical body through which they then control this physical or corporeal world.

That is the major manner in which these Sara Shining Ones control the human race today, through mind-manipulation. The Sara Shining Ones realized that they don’t really need to establish their physical presence in a permanent manner in this physical realm since they could take possession of the human souls and spirits and consequently use the physical faculties of humans to control and manipulate the physical world.

Reptilian Hominids on Planet Earth
It has been said that in the past the Sara Shining Ones were more physically present on this planet earth in that in those prehistoric times the Sara Shining Ones were frequently incarnating and assuming physical forms, mostly reptilian and serpentine forms, to roam and wander about the face of this very planet earth.

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But in latter times the Sara Shining Ones population as physical reptilians on this planet earth became drastically reduced due to the transition of this world from a spiritual to a materialistic dispensation. In other words the reptilian humanoids were highly spiritual beings that could not survive the change of this world from a spiritual to a material dispensation. It is quite possible that this was the same reason behind the sudden disappearance of the dinosaurs hundreds of thousands of years ago. The dinosaurs in that case most have been highly spiritual beings that suddenly disappeared from the face of this planet earth when this world suddenly changed from a spiritual to a materialistic age.

But in the days when the Sara Shining Ones could freely roam about the face of this planet earth as reptilian humanoids they were able to physically interact with human beings who were inferior to them anthropologically, anatomically and physically. The Sara Shining Ones were giants compared to the Homo sapiens. The Sara Shining Ones were also spiritually more advanced than the Homo sapiens.
So advanced and superior to the Homo sapiens that they actually enslaved the Homo sapiens and manipulated them into worshipping them, the Sara Shining Ones, as the snake gods.

And so many were the serpentine race of the Sara Shining Ones as incarnated reptilian humanoids on the face of this planet earth that they actually lived in large numbers as physical beings with biological bodies on this very planet earth hundreds of thousands of years ago.

But at that same time that the Sara Shining One reptilian hominids were enslaving and manipulating the human race there were also other species of hominids some of which were also as advanced and sophisticated as the Sara Shining Ones. And there were also those other species that were as less advanced as the human race. And there were also so many other species of all intermediate varieties contemporaneous with the Sara Shining Ones and the human race in those far off prehistoric days hundreds of thousands of years ago.

The point here is that once upon a time different species of humanoids were coexisting contemporaneously together on the face of this planet earth hundreds of thousands of years ago. The Sara Shining One reptilian humanoids, the Jara giants, the human beings including the Homo sapiens, and so many other different types and kinds of humanoids were all living together and at the same time on this planet. To complicate the picture is the fact that at that very time there were also different and various kinds and types of animals many of which are extinct today. In those days even the dinosaurs were living contemporaneously with all the other beings listed above.

The Cataclysmic Catastrophe
The question then is what caused the Sara Shining ones to suddenly disappeared from the face of this planet earth? Nobody knows for sure what really happened but there are strong indications to the effect that cataclysmic disaster of extraordinary dimensions must have been responsible.

As we have earlier mentioned in a previous paragraph the sudden disappearance of the Sara Shining Ones reptilian humanoids was not unconnected with the fact that the world suddenly changed from a spiritual dispensation to a materialistic one. The Sara Shining Ones were fallen angels incarnating as reptilian humanoids who were wholly spiritual beings – angels and jinns – in unstable corporeal bodies and so when the world suddenly became de-spiritualized and materialistic these spirits – the fallen angels and jinns – found it impossible to remain in this physical realm with us.

These spiritual beings that couldn’t stand the sudden change of the world to a materialistic dispensation simply became subtle beings, that is, they went underground in both the physical and metaphysical senses of the word ‘subtle’. In the metaphysical sense of the word many of these fallen angels simply discarnated, discard their physical bodies and went back to being their normal spiritual selves. In the physical sense of the word some of these fallen angels retained their physical bodies but left the terrestrial surface of the earth and went underground into subterranean civilizations both below the earth’s crust and inside the hollow of this planet earth.

There are stories in the scriptures of how a great conflict between the Horned humanoids known as the Kara or Cernumous (Zulqarnain in Qur’anic traditions) and the Jara giants, a race of whom are known as the Gog and Magog or Yajuj and Majuj resulted in the confinement of the Jara giants to subtle or subterranean realms from which they struggle to come back to dominating the world. It is quite possible that this same cataclysmic war also resulted in the discarnation and flight of the Sara Shining reptilian humanoids into subtle and subterranean realms.

There are documentary evidences to the effect that subterranean cultures and civilizations exist within the earth’s crust and inside the hollow of the earth wherein dwelt reptilian humanoid giants and

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