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Who Are the Bani Israel? – by Ndagi Abdullahi

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Who Are the Bani Israel?
by Ndagi Abdullahi

The conventional scholarship today is to the effect that the Israelites are the ancient Jewish people of Biblical times. It is said that the Jews are a very ancient people who once upon a time flourished in the Middle East and that they were only dispersed to other parts of the world after the Romans quelled the independence rebellions of the Jews scores of years after the demise of Jesus Christ who is also a Jew.

According to this conventional scholarship it is these same Jewish people who are also known as the Israelites or, as the Arabs will call them, the Bani Israel. They are also said to be the ones known as the Hebrews.

In other words we are made to believe today that these ancient people of the Middle East went by three national names, namely, as the Jews, as the Hebrews and also as the Israelites.

It is explained that the reason why this single nation of people now bear three, or even more, national names is because at a time their nation was divided into two: a northern Kingdom of Judah and a Southern kingdom of Israel. It is then said that it is the people of Judah who became known as the Jews while the people of Israel became known as the Israelites.

That is what conventional Western scholarship is telling us about these people simultaneously known as the Jews and the Israelites at the same time.

The only issue here is that there are a lot of problems associated with this conventional story of Western scholarship regarding these people known simultaneously as the Jews and the Israelites.

The first problem is that there are hardly indisputable historical records that these people once upon a time lived in a united kingdom of Judah and Israeli at the same time anywhere in the Middle East.

Instead what we are seeing today is that there were actually a very ancient people of Judah, known as the Jews, and another very ancient people of Israel known as the Israelites. But these two were never the same people. There is no denying the certitude that they might have been brought into a united kingdom at one time or the other in the very distant past; but that doesn’t mean that they were one and the same people.

More complicating to this conventional view of Western scholarship is the evidence that scientific and archaeological evidences do not support the claim that there ever existed a united kingdom of Judah and Israel anywhere in the Middle East.

What researchers have always known all along, however, is that the Jews or the people of Judah are a very, very ancient people who might have even predated the rise of historical civilization in the Middle East. And the same goes for the people of Israel also – the Israelites are a very ancient people who have been around since long before the Biblical period of the Middle East.

In case researches from around the world are cumulatively proving that these two people, the Jews and the Israelites, were not confined to the Middle East alone in very ancient times but that each one of them is a worldwide civilization remnants and descendants of whom can still be found in other parts of the world to this very day.

The point we are making here is that both the Jews and the Israelites were not just a Middle Eastern people; they are a worldwide nationalities to whom people from all parts of the world belong. The Jews, for instance, can be found in all parts of the world and this is not because they were dispersed to all parts of the world from the Middle East but because they have always been present in all parts of the world since time immemorial.

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Judah was a worldwide civilization in very ancient times. And so also was the case with Israel; it was also a worldwide civilization in very ancient times.

And when we say worldwide civilization we mean it is a civilization that exercised sovereignty over the entire world much the same way that we see Western civilization dominating and ruling the entire world today.

Judah was a world civilization and the Jews were a people with a pan-global presence. The Jews were not just a Middle Eastern people as conventional scholarship is trying to make us believe today. Far from it, the historical Jewish people actually appeared in the Middle East at the tail end of the global and worldwide civilization of Judah.

Once upon a time in the remote past the Jewish people were spread all over the world and the Civilization of Judah was a worldwide civilization. It is this same worldwide civilization of Judah that was referred to in the Qur’an and the Arabic traditions as Ad and its Jewish people were known as the People of Ad in the Qur’an.

It is also this worldwide civilization of Judah, Yudah, or Ad that was known to the ancient Greeks as Ad-lantis or Atlantis according to Ignatius Donnelly.

It was also these people that were also known to the ancient Africans as the Ganda or, as we call it today, Uganda. They were known here in ancient Nigeria as the Akanda and they were the once that became the various people we call the Kebbi, the Kyadya, the Kakanda, the Igbira Panda, and many others today.

In solidity Africa, Middle Africa, was the homeland of this worldwide civilization of Judah, Yudah, Ad, Atlantis or Ganda. It was from Middle Africa that this ancient civilization originated and flourished for centuries before it spread out to all other parts of the world.

And as a matter of certainty there are historical and prehistoric evidences to the effect that the Jews, the people of Judah, were originally a Black African Negro people before they spread to all other parts of the world. Yes, Middle Africa was the homeland of the Jewish people and the first Jews in the world were actually the Black African Negro people of Middle Africa.

Of course we see that the Falasha, the Bani Israel and so many ancient and indigenous Jewish people are still resident here in Middle Africa. These so-called Black Jews did not originate from the Middle East, they are remnants of the first and original Jews who were a Black African Negro people.

And so also is the case with Israel and the Israelites. Israel used to be a worldwide civilization at a time in the distant past. And the Israeli people can be found in all parts of the world as the Sara people. We see remnants of these ancient Israel or Sara people as in all parts of the ancient world as the Sarakenois in Asia Minor, as the Saragon head of the Persians, as the Celts in ancient Europe, as the Choesrus head of the ancient Persians, as the Fa-Sara or Farasa which we Latinize as Persia today. Even Paris is a Latinization of Farasa or Fasara indicating the datum that Paris or France was founded establishd by these ancient Israeli peoples.

Now then, that brings us to the main theme of this presently work, namely, who are the Bani Israel for real. In order to anser this question we need to clear our minds from the ages of misinformation that have come to bury the true origin and true identity of these people from the eyes of the general public.
First we need to point out the matter that the very term ‘’Israel’ is itself a compound of ‘Isra’ and ‘El’. This o course means that we actually have two dofferent words that went into then formation of th national name ‘Israe’. As we said there is ‘Isra’ and there is also ‘El’ that wnt into the formation of the compound national anme’ Israel’.

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Now then let’s take a look at each one of the two words that went into th formation of then natilopnal name ‘Israe’.

The first word is ‘Isra’. This Isra is of course merely a derivation of Isara or, more pristinely, Sara. Yes, the truth of the matter is that Sara was the key wrd that went into the formation of the compound national name Israel.

Now, what is this Sara? The answer is that sara was the name of ancient race of superhuman beings that once upon a time lived and multiplied upon he face of this very planet earth. The Sara were a superhuman, godly human beings who were far more advanced in everything and every aspect that modern human beings or the Homo sapiens.

The Sara were giants compared to our mdern huiman beings. They were giants because they were anatomically more develeopde and refined than modern human beings. They were also spiritually far more advanced and spiritually conscious than modern human beings. The Sara were so advanced in every asapect and facets than modern human beings or the Homo sapiens that they actually enslaved us the Homo sapiens and used us as their slaves or beasts of burden the manner we use the animals today. Also, so advanced ana dperefect than us were the Saras that we Homo sapiens actually ended up worshipping them as gods. As a matter of reality that was how the concept and idea of the lesser gods or the semi-human gods came about.

In any case the Saras were also reptilian humanoids in the sense that they had reptilian genes and were also have reptilian physical features. But, and despite their re[pitilian genes and features, the Saras were really gods when compared to us the Homo sapiens.

It is the name of these race of the gods called the Sara that forms the first word in the national name Israel that has come down to us today.

The second word in the national name Israel is ‘El’. Now, this El is simply the Semitic form of the ancient African word Er, Era or Ra which, of course, simply means ‘god’.

So, if the first word in the national name Israel is ‘Sara’ which refers to an ancient race of reptilian gods, and if the second word ‘El’ means ‘god’ what we will get by combining ‘Sara’ and ‘El’ to give ‘Sara-El’ or, as were pronounce it today, ‘Israel, will of course directly translate as the ‘God of Sara’.

And as a matter of experience that is the true meaning of the national name ‘Israel’ or ‘Sara-El’, it diretly and simply means ‘The God of Sara’.

But then, what is the meaning or import of this phrase ‘The God of Sara’? The etymology or origin of this ancient national name derives from the actuality that the ancient race of reptilian gods called the Saras were actually subservient, or enslaved, in turn to a god whose proper name nobody knows but who is simply identified as the ‘God of Sara’.

Now, let’s do some recapitulations in order to ensure that we have understood what we have been discussing all along regarding the origin and etymology of this very ancient national name ‘Israel’.

What we said was that we the Homo sapiens were once upon a time enslaved to a master race of reptilian gods known as the Sara. We then went ahead to say that these master race of reptilian gods called the Sara were in turn enslaved to super being that is practically a god to the Sara reptilians and that this god of the reptilians was known as the ‘God of Sara’ or ‘Sara-El’ which is the same term that we Semitisiz or even Latinize today as ‘Israel’. This, of course, is the true origin and etymology of the term Israel.

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Modern Western scholarhip is of course totally and compeletely unaware and ignorant of this true origin and etymology of the ancient national name ‘Israel’ and that is why we see all manners of spurious and baseless stories purporting to explain the meaning or origin of the national name ‘Israel’ as referring to the Jews.

Israel was never a national name of the Jews in the past as the Jews and the Israelites were completely different people belong to two separate and utterly different races. If the religious leaders of the Semitic religions today don’t know this experience and they go about preaching wrong etymologies to this ancient national name ‘Israel’ then that is their own qualms but that will not obliterate the fact that Israel actually means ‘The God of Sara’.

And with this we come to another major section of this work, namely, that the name ‘Israel’ was not supposed to be a name of a people but was actually the title of a super being or a super god of the ancient reptilian Sara gods. Israel refers to the god of the Sara reptilian master race and was not the name of a particular people as we wrongly use it to refer to a people or nation today.

Israel was originally the name of the god of the Sara reptilian master race. The Sara reptilian gods were actually worshiping this Israel who was the ‘God of the Sara’. But, and as we have said before, the Sara reptilian master race were themselves worshiped as gods by the Homo sapiens, the same that we see today as the modern human beings.

So, and what we are saying in essence, is that while the Sara reptilians were worshiping Israel as their god, the Homo sapiens were in turn worshiping the Sara reptilians. But, and with time, that Sara reptilians taught the Homo sapiens how to worship Israel the god of the Sara reptilians. When the Sara reptilians taught the Homo sapiens how to worship Israel the God of the Sara the Homo sapiens came to refer to this religion of the worship of Israel as Fara Sara-El or ‘The Religion of Sara-El’ since the very word ‘Fara’ is a very ancient word meaning ‘religion’.

This Fara Sara-El or the Religion of Sara-El was also known as the Bara Sarael or Bara Israel. The Semitic people, especially the Arabs, came to pronounce it, however, as Bana Israel or, as we pronounce it today, Bani Israel. That is the origin and true etymology of the phrase ‘Bani Israel’ today.

So, and as we have just seen, Bani Israel or Bara Sara-El or Fara Sara-El originally means the ‘The Religion of Israel’. But with time this term ‘Bani Israel’ originally meaning ‘The Religion of Israel’ came to be applied to the followers of that very religion such that the followers of the ‘Religion of Israel’ came to be the ones referred to as the ‘Bani Israel’.

So, from being the name of the religion of the worshipers of Israel the name Bani Isreal came to be applied to the followers of that religion. And also from originally being the religion of the master race of the Sara reptilian humanoids Bani Israel eventually became a religion of the Homo sapiens and this was most especially the case when the race of the Sara reptilians suddenly disappeared and became extinct from the face of this planet earth.

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